Mid-century modest and Retro Renovation on etsy.com TV

Yeehaw, Retro Renovation and Mid-Century Modest are in a video just posted on etsy.com, along with this blog post.Tara Young is the amazing video-journalist — artist, really — who produces all of etsy’s videos, and you can tell she does them with great love.  It is so exciting to break bread with the wonderful etsy community. Thank you, Tara, seriously: You are amazing, and it was so much fun spending the day with you!

  1. Janice says:

    What a wonderful surprise to see you and your kitchen up close and personal! You know you just opened up Pandora’s Box and you’re fans will only want more and more, right? Fabulous!

  2. RetroSandie says:

    Fabulous, Pam!!! The whole video was perfection. You are so well spoken and knowledgeable and of course, your beautiful kitchen such a wonderful backdrop. I agree with everyone that you should definitely do MORE of this type of video even a youtube weekly video would be most welcome. A toast of champagne to you (in a mid century round bowl champagne glass)!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Gretchen S. says:

    Wonderful! I especially love how you discussed the historical and contextual aspects: multiple era pieces + inclusion of whimsical/colorful items = fun and livable home.

  4. CindyD says:

    How cool was that!!! I loved wandering through your home as you spoke. Mcmodest homes are very comfortable homes. Thanks for giving name to the style of home I grew up in. Five years ago, we bought a mcmodest home – I fell in love with it at the front door. Please continue to host these informative clips – great job!

  5. Janet Gore says:

    Pam … what a delight! As I’ve mentioned before, two of my bathrooms are pretty much 1961 “in tact”, as are my kitchen cabinets. But my furnishings aren’t “modern” at all … they are just things accumulated over the years — from my husband’s grandmother’s oak dining room furniture to his mother’s comfortable sofa (which has been recovered at least 4 times that I know of). I imagine that it’s what the majority of folks had in their MCM homes.
    Your home is so lovely and gracious. More, more, more!!!

  6. RetroRuth says:

    Pam! Great video and great presence! You are a natural, babe! Would love to see more video segments with you in them…maybe even a TV show? 🙂 Your house is ab-fab, as always!

  7. My favorite part is when you show the suspect *tsotchkes* and talk about how your friends don’t quite know what to think. You are so authoritative and also so much fun…a great combination. Kudos, Pam.

  8. Amy says:

    I loved this video! The mid-century modest manifesto is so perfect for the homes that most of us have and you articulate the idea very well. Chiming in with the others that say they hope to see more videos from you.

  9. MrsErinD says:

    I am real late here, but hope you see this Pam!

    Oh so much to comment on! :O)))

    First, to Tara, she did a wonderful job on the video, really great!

    Oh boy, I had to watch over, and pause the video so many times, lol. So many goodies to look at.

    I love the chartruese bedroom illustration, just love. And I have a special place in my heart for colonial too, even though I do love mcm, well the kitschier side of it, but I also love traditional too and that goes with our house, so I am redoing some decorating right now, and it’s nice to know there are others out there that like the mix, like Glam. Nancy said, I don’t feel funny showing my house since it’s not ultra mod.
    And your right, most vintage pics of real houses I’ve seen are mostly traditional or a mix of modern and traditional. Especially colonial.

    Ok, we all know your kitchen is one of the best ever! But wow, the rest is great too, I am so excited to see more of your house! Everything is amazing, the living room is so great, especially the sofas and cute pillows, love it!
    And the den/family room is adorable! Love the afghans too!

    You have a very talented decorating touch, everything is homey and retro, but doesn’t look like it’s professional, and that is a compliment. Sometimes profess. decorating is too overdone for me. I have always said, when someone sees my house I don’t want them to say, Who is your decorator, I want them to feel homey and cozy and feel like they stepped back to 1959, heehee.

    Oh, and I so covet those pink cockatoos!!!! ;O))))

  10. Sara in WA says:

    Great job you two! Spot on! It was nice to hear your voice. It’s like telling people “It’s OK, it’s your house and your life”. Look forward to more. It was nice to share it on facebook (as a Realtor) to show the trend away from McMansions and toward more modest homes. It was such a treat. thanks.

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