Getting ready for a mad mad mid mod Charlotte, North Carolina

see me at the souther spring home and garden show in charlotte march 4-5

Calling all readers in and around Charlotte, North Carolina! I am really busy getting ready for 5 presentations at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show on Thursday, March 4 and Friday, March 5.  In keeping with the theme of the blog, I will be taking attendees on a whirlwind tour of 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s home design — and provide lots of ready-to-go ideas for how to incorporate the best of the period into your home today. And, Mardee Woodward, executive show manager, has asked me to do one presentation on Save The Pink Bathrooms. Tee hee. Our tentacles are out there, people. We are saving the mid mod world — one pink bathroom at at time.  See my schedule via the link above or click on the show logo — and let me know if you are coming! Finally, more snaps to Erica Berger, photographer extraordinaire, for another mid mod portrait taken during our photo shoot in November. It’s so fun to play dress up.

  1. nina462 says:

    So, wish I could be there!!
    Be sure to give those people at HGTV a what for….for destroying all the mid mod houses and installing granite/stainless.
    You go girl!

  2. Jennifer Krupa says:

    OMG, I will take you around Charlotte and show you EVERYTHING MCM if you’d let me. I don’t know how I’ll be able to pull off leaving work to come hear you but I’ll be there! Glad to hear that Charlotte is truly catching on to this.
    I’m getting ready to move into another MCM ranch. This one has more retro potential than my last. I’m currently working on ordering the perfect cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation (as it doesn’t appear they still have Chevron) but I cannot seem to yet convince my boyfriend (the owner of the house) to do the metal edging on the aqua boomerang Formica counter top that he did agree to!
    Can’t wait to meet you in person,

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m so excited to hear you speak! I own a 1940 bungalow maybe two miles from the site of the show and have been doing tons of research on color and design to ensure that updates honor the home’s history.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Pam — You forgot the pearls! You forgot the pearls! Largest ones strung in center front, gradually getting smaller as the string heads for the clasp (Not sure what this design is called; I’m design illiterate.) Would go great with your MCM costume (and hair!!) Hugs – Steph
    P. S. Wish I could make it to N.C., but California is so far away from N.C. (as is nearly everything else, it seems).

  5. gsciencechick says:

    I hope I can be there! Friday is a little harder for me work-wise, but I am going to have to double check my schedule. BTW, I am originally from Buffalo and can agree on the multititude of pink bathrooms. I’ve given my niece the savethepinkbathrooms link.

    60’s ranch owner!

  6. Ally Cat says:

    I’m in Charlotte too! So I’m gonna come see you! I can already feel a cold coming on in March, so work will just have to understand. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk with you in person, but in case I forget, you should look up The Diamond Restaurant while you’re here. A classic that’s been reinvented and is better than ever….I bet you’ll dig their turquoise, black, & gold interior. Wow!

  7. Ally Cat says:

    Dang….I just saw the date, that was last year! What a tease 🙁 Well, maybe this spring we can expect you down south again?

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