$30 mid-century modern pendant lights from Menard’s

Mid-century lighting continues to go very much mainstream — evidenced by the continuing proliferation of lower cost designs more affordable for the masses. Hey! Just like in the 1950s! Flickr friend xtombx spotted the Nadair Nuevo pendant lights (shown above) for sale at his Menard’s store. The one on on the left is 14″ wide, the center is 7″ wide, and the right is 8″ wide. Each one is just $30. At the left is a more expensive glass pendant by Checkolite. It’s about $60, and there are two other glass designs. All of these lights also are featured online, with free shipping — go to Menard’s site here and search the brands I’ve listed. Note: I have not seen these in person, so cannot give an opinion on the visible quality of workmanship.

Update: Lots of readers are buying these lights, including with the intention to repaint them. Let us see how they look! Upload your photos below… Terms of Use apply:

[ngg_uploader id = 91]


To see readers’ photos in this slide show, click on the first image, look for the description just below it, and use the arrows there to move forward or back:


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