Over 50? We are “Mid-century Classics” — and happier, too

File under:  “It’s all in your attitude.”  Tina wrote me a while back:.
Hi Pam!
I’m attending a girls’ weekend called Girlapalooza that was begun by a bunch of friends several years ago and is in a different U.S. city each year. It looks like 30 or so women will be gathering in D.C. this weekend. This is my first time at Girlapalooza and I only live 15 miles outside D.C., but I’m looking forward to meeting new women and making new friends (and relaxing in a fancy hotel instead of at home with the husband and kids).  Anyway… the “ice breaker” for the Friday night happy hour is that we were supposed to design and print a bumper sticker that describes us. My younger sister eventually came up with perfect bumper sticker idea to describe me (I’m 52 years old)… I did the design and created the graphic. I thought you’d like it… By the way, you met my son Pete in Charlotte. He said, “Mom! I can’t believe you didn’t come down to meet Pam.. you two would be best friends by now!” So thanks for making him not feel silly attending a Home Show! Thanks!
Tina wrote back after the Girlapalooza weekend was over to report that her bumper sticker won “most creative.” (She also gave me a tip for a story, in the works.) Tina’s bumper sticker also reminds me of a recent report which found that people over 50 are happier than when we were younger.  This study by Stonybrook University says that, “after age 50, life perceptions are more positive and feelings of worry or stress decline. This perception is consistent after age 50, regardless of certain life circumstances.”  Happiness over our lifetime = a U-shaped curve, and when we hit 50, we’re pointed toward the upside. Thanks for sharing, Tina.

  1. MCMeg says:

    Love it! I turned 50 this year and brought out all of my mid-century tableware to celebrate for a mid-century theme birthday dinner. I then changed my facebook profile pic to one of Barbie, since she also turned 50 this year. I felt that put me in pretty good company. She looks great for 50!

  2. jkaye says:

    When I hit 50 a few years back (OK, almost five years ago), I decided that, rather than feel depressed, I would have an optimistic attitude — the next 50 years could be better than the first 50 years. My maternal grandma turns 98 this year, so, I just might have the genetic makeup to go along with the optimism. Also, here’s hoping the next 50 years are better for my house than its first 50 years!

  3. Annie B. says:

    Nice, nice sticker, Tina; it says it all. Being a Mid Century Classic gives you the freedom to (paraphrasing Pam) “Love the Life You’re In”. It gets better with every passing year.

  4. MbS says:

    Pam! Tina! Pete! Such fun. And Pam, you should introduce your nephew to Pete, even if only by the intertubes of space.

    Now, you venture into the human psyche territory. So here is my thought for the day:

    Freud and his followers are Mid Century Modern icons of psychology, making the earnest (midwesterner) Carl Rogers the Mid Century Modest icon of therapy.

    WooWoo. MidModMad takes on everything. Resistance is futile.

  5. RetroSandie says:

    I am crazy for Tina’s bumper sticker-I would be PROUD to have one on my bumper, and I don’t usually like that sort of thing! LOL But it’s so cool (at age 60) to think of myself as a CLASSIC, especially from the Mid Century!! Fantastic! 🙂

  6. Amy Hill says:

    Is it old lady day at Retro Renovation?
    Let me join in!
    I bought my little MidModCottage a couple of years after turning 50. It was a long held dream to own an older house, and it was he nicest thing I ever did for myself!
    I love the small, manageable size of this place, and I love the charming little details built into every square inch.
    Oh, and I wish I still had my first Barbie. She was quite a gal!

  7. Ted says:

    Now that is a profound adage to live by! As a precisely mid-century classic myself, I’ve begun to really understand that, even though you never wanna stop striving to grow & improve, at the same time you are what you are, and that’s OK…..and both of those philosophies can happily coexist.

  8. CH says:

    I was in an antique store once when a kid about 20 was trying to convince the owner to buy an old TV. She didn’t want it. When he said, “But it’s REALLY old. It’s an antique. It was made in 1958!” I couldn’t keep silent anymore. I said to him with a laugh, “That’s not old. I was made in 1958 and I’m not an antique!” The owner laughed, but still didn’t buy the TV.

    The fact that I was in my early 40s at the time made this comment not sting as much as maybe it would today. ; )

  9. Jeanne says:

    Love the bumper sticker! And cheers to all 52 year olds! 😉 1957 was the peak year in births per capita in the U.S. and around the middle-to-late of the baby boom generation. We run the block. 🙂

  10. nina462 says:

    I’m only 48 but am a mid mod classic myself. I must google girlapalooza and see it will ever come my way – maybe by the time I’m 50?

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