Midcentury modern sectional from Room and Board

I think that Room and Board has the mid century modern sectional just right with their Reese sectional — the proportions are long, low and lean, at 32″ high with a seat 22″ deep. This is not 1990s oversized. This sectional comes in five configurations and six colors — including my all-time favorite color, burnt orange, which they call pumpkin spice. (I hereforeto declare burnt orange Retro Renovation’s 2011 color of the year. I’m introducing it early, like the carmakers do.) More good news: Made in Virginia. I know that in this economy, not too many folks have $3,800 to throw at a sectional sofa, but it sure is fun to dream. Link: Room & Board Reese sectional. First spotted on Atomic Lilly’s blog.

  1. JAson says:

    So what kind (make) of sofa did Rob and Laura have in thier home?!!!! You never really get to see the whole sofa, but it was curved…kinda like a sectional and had an armless end.

  2. Kate says:

    We’ve got a vintage sectional much like this. Cost $150, and $400 for the new fabric. My saint of a mother reupholstered it for free though.
    The fabric is sold by Sail-rite, meant for a boat, so it is very durable. The length for the short side is 80″ and the longer curved side takes up 96″ (the actual curve is longer).
    We have cats, so we keep a throw over the arms to keep them from scratching…what can you do?!
    Here’s some pix:

  3. Gavin Hastings says:

    About the arms and legs:
    I think this sofa is aimed for Rob and Laura Petrie,1963, not Desi and Lucy Ricardo 1953.

  4. Al Curnow says:

    Pam, I would also like to give my “back by popular demand” vote for burnt orange. My wife and I have been filling our home with retro 60’s and 70’s stuff for many years, and we love the colour.

  5. nina462 says:

    let me rephrase my above statement after reading others comments. I thought the legs matched because it reminds me of a danish modern sofa, we had while growing up.

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