1937 Derby Lady’s Leg cocktail shaker by Shelton Silver Co. – Aly scores big at the Goodwill

derby-ladys-leg-cocktail-shaker-by-shelton-silverAly Starelli specializes in mid-century and period perfect vintage properties in Portland, Oregon. I met her there when I had dinner with the MCM League, after I spoke at the Eugene Home Show in 2009. Aly and I keep in touch, and she wrote to share a fabulous find:

Alyssa StarelliHey Pam,

I wanted to share this amazing find I found a few months back.  I was at Goodwill and found a cocktail shaker in the shape of a ladies leg. I took it home, mentioned in on FB, only to be told by Marci Holcomb (ex-mcm leaguer) that it was very valuable — I just figured it was standard 30’s cocktalia… Well after some research, we just posted it on my friend’s etsy site, cuz I know if left in my care, I’ll break it. It is the most amazing find I’ve ever found, though!!
Haha, I agree I’d have to sell this one, too, Aly, if I found it, out of fear of dropping it, too! Aly told me how much she paid at the Goodwill, but I’ll leave that detail out. Suffice to say, she’s headed for a tidy profit — although, given all the time we all spend scoping Goodwills and estate sales and the like, the profit-per-hour is quite minimal. We do this for love. The shaker is now for sale by fabgabs on etsy.com for $998… and here is some more history, for the record:

The famous 1937 Derby Lady’s Leg cocktail shaker is made of frosted glass by the Shelton Silver Co. Widely recognized as one of the most rare and desired shakers from this period! It is marked with the Patent No. 2091604.

The white glass is frosted – the leg has a curvy pin up shape. “She” wears a 1930’s style silver dancing sandal with a perfect cuban heel and working buckle. (Yes, you can take her shoe off.) It features a chromium cap and strainer with air spout for easy pouring of your top-shelf classic cocktails.

It measures 15 1/2″ high and 6″ wide at the foot.

Wanna buy or sell a mid mod house in Portland? Aly Star’s coordinates are here: www.aly-star.com

  1. Kathy says:

    Just wondering if you ever sold your cocktail shaker? I have the same shaker, only in ruby red. I am interested in selling it, but can’t seem to find a value for it. Any ideas?

  2. AlyStar says:

    Yes, I sold it on EBay for around $750+ shipping/handling. I’d seen valuations from 900-1300, but as the economy is struggling, knew better. I started it at $1000 obo on eBay and this is where I ended. Still, not bad for a $13 thrift score, and I was just sure I’d shatter it if I kept it, so it was to save it that I sold it!

  3. Heather Hope says:

    The world shrinks yet again! I met Aly in South Seattle/Des Moines at a birthday party (?) for a mutual friend (Amy Thiel) many, many moons ago. We didn’t chat much – lots of people – but I’m off to see Amy in Denver over Christmas.

    Good taste and an excellent eye, Ms. Aly!

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