2011 resolution: Clean out and organize my home office

Pam's Office: "Before"

So now that the joy of Christmas is over falalalala, like a good American I am jumping right ahead to new year’s resolutions. Trust me, I think big, so my “official” list will be very hearty. But, at the top, for sure, is gonna be: Cleaning out and better organizing my home office — aka “the computer cave” — to accommodate my solidified real life as blogger and freelance writer. Oh, that also means figuring out what I am going to do about all the lovely and delightful treaures that I Must Rescue from the basements, nooks and crannies of Pittsfield estate sales. I must admit, I publish this photo with great trepidation. It showcases my hoarding gene. But, I think most of you Retro Renovators will understand. My love for It All is a blessing – and a curse. Now that I have gone public with my office nightmare, the pressure is on to clean it up and get it beautifully organized so that you may take my advice on how to create a beautiful retro home at least halfway seriously. I am filing this one under “Mid Mod Madness/Happiness” because, yes, Happiness is a Clean House.

  1. denised says:

    Hey Pam, since we’re all making a pact for 2011, what about a ‘show us your clutter’ post like you do with thrifty finds…then at the end of the year a ‘show us your DE-clutter”? we can see who stayed on task…and by no means judge those who haven’t because we all understand.

    This just might get some motivation going! it’s like having a purpose, proof to others that it can be done, rather than arguing with yourself about it whenever you see a pile of goodies. My friends will think someone took over my body and mind! LOL

    this makes me nervous just talking about it! OK, I’m starting to plan for the BIG tag sale now.

  2. e.j. says:

    As a baseball fan from the Bay Area, I was instantly drawn to the poster prints of Willie Mays and Juan Marichal on your wall… vintage ’60’s photos, to boot.
    What a year for the San Francisco Giants. I say keep those images hanging somewhere in the house. Anything else would be bad karma.
    And I thought you were cool chick before this posting…

  3. denised says:

    well of course it’s worth a lot, why else would we buy it?? um, oh yeah, because it’s good eye candy, because it’s the thrill of the chase, but I think most of all? we feel the need to ‘save’ it….from being thrown out, not appreciated as it should be, disregarded.

  4. Gretchen S. says:

    I feel your pain. Thanks for helping me feel I am not alone! I hide important things from myself all the time. Sigh. The big work begins when the kids return to school!

  5. pam kueber says:

    sounds like a great idea, denised… i also a post by synthesis-joe regarding this subject and will plan on sharing it soon.

  6. CindyD says:

    Six years ago, my husband and I downsized to our 1955 ranch – 1/3 the size of our previous home, no basement, and down to a one-car garage. We rid ourselves of our acumulated ‘next projects’ and found the process extremely liberating. Now we only buy what is perfect and useful for our small home. We are knee-deep in our remodel right now, so things are in a state of chaos, but, with luck we will be finished by the end of January.

  7. katie hatch says:

    i hear ya! thanks to everyone with all the other great links.
    my other resolution which dovetails…
    a place for everything and everything in it’s place…. with the “goal” of keeping it clean all year (and pigs will fly…but hey – positive thinking)

  8. Tikimama says:

    Count me in on the declutter and organize pact with The Keepers of All Things Cool (that’s great, Staci)! I will even go so far as to shame myself into action by posting a photo of my mess, if that’s what you decide to do, Pam!

    I *did* give away several Christmas items this year as I was unpacking and decorating, though the number doesn’t come close to balancing out the vintage items I acquired this year….sigh.

  9. gayla says:

    I’ve rationalized my hoarding with “I’ll have all this bought up so when I retire and my income shrinks, I’ll just work on all these projects I’ve stashed. Stashed in my garage where my car has never been, the biggest storage I can rent and in my house in every closet, under all the furniture and piled in my office/ sewing/craft room. So, I retired at 62 and now I’m 65 and the piles seem to be getting larger instead of smaller. My New Year’s resolution is to scrapbook one picture, sew one seam, give one thing to charity and sort one pile a day until the weather gets nice and I can go out and do a similar program on the garden. Any one want to bet how much I’m going to get done? LOLOLOL

  10. pam kueber says:

    yup gayla, i have that rationalization, too. all my collections are “investments”. by the way, i think we have not yet arrived at the frenzy of mid mod madness…. prices are still on the rise!

  11. Feisty17 says:

    In order to *support* all of your resolutions I am happily willing to take off your hands anything you just don’t need 😉 ! I’m a twenty something, just bought my first house (mid century modest) and it currently doesn’t have enough stuff! I will sacrifice my space in order to help all of you (especially with those things from the earlier half of the twentieth century) reach your goal for the upcoming year. Consider it philanthropy!

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