Rock and roll drink coasters made from recycled 45 rpm records

Lorie recently wrote me a email “pitching” me her Rock and Roll Coasters, hand made from old 45 rpm records. I liked the look of these and asked if she could send me sample. She did. It came yesterday: Hey, These are Very Cool — I Like! Click on through for Lorie’s story and how she makes these lovely up-cycled coasters. –>

Lorie wrote:

I would like to submit our handmade 45 rpm drink coasters for your consideration. They are re-purposed, recycled, worn and very cool.

I sold used records for 8 years and 45’s were my specialty. Unfortunately I was sending 100’s of them to the recyclers since they were no longer playable. Wishing there was something I could do with them, I suddenly had the idea that they would be so cool as coasters. After a year or so of trial and error I finally got the finished product I wanted.

The coasters are made from re-purposed 45 rpm vinyl records, cut from a 7 inch record into a 4 x 4 inch square. I include the original iconic yellow adapters in the center. I embed them in thick acrylic epoxy (I don’t use molds) and back them with high quality cork.

Quite a few of the original artists have purchased them from us like Christopher Cross, Bertie Higgins (Key Largo), Jay Ferguson (Thunder Island), Lou Christie, The Association, Pat Boone …

Here is some of our feedback from our shop on Etsy.

“Great product and design. Thanks so much love them all!!!!!”
“Love the coasters…they bring back old memories!!”
“Most awesome coasters ever. seriously. definitely thought about keeping these for myself even though they were a gift.”

I’d love for you to check out my shop when you have the time. I think my story and products would be a good fit for your audience.

Lorie Beshara

Thank you, Lorie. These are so cute. Hey, I could see doing a whole wall — treating them like tiles, they are the perfect size. It would be pricey for me but hey, not for a rocker. Maybe Bruce aka The Boss will read this and order up. Tell him I sent you, and after, I can go to his house to do the story.

I received Peggy Lee singing Winfield Scott’s “Sweetheart.” Did you choose that special for me? Thank you!

Folks, these would make nifty Valentine’s Day presents… You can buy the coasters either individually, and there are also some boxed sets. 

–> Click here to check out Lorie’s handmade coasters at: RockandRollCoasters.etsy.com.

  1. Mr. Modtomic says:

    Rant Alert!

    OMG, don’t even get me started on coasters (too late). So the Girlfriend has an all girl party last Friday and as per the rules of this particular kind of party (sorta like a Tupperware party…but not for kitchenware) men are strictly forbidden. Well, since I’m about a half a step from becoming Raymond’s mother on Everybody Loves Raymond…you know…with the plastic on the furniture and all that, I have to protect my treasures as best as I can.

    Anyway, I have some cool Hand Made coasters that I got in New Orleans at the French Market which I left out on the wood coffee table. I also found a great set of cork and walnut coasters the other day at the Salv. Army thrift store, so I set those on the table too. Plus, I had a TON of those cardboard “beer” coasters that I got from a friends bar scattered about the livingroom / lounge.

    So I get home after the party ends and take a little walk through the livingroom / lounge to find that someone had placed a cold bottle of wine on the wood coffee table. They had placed it wedged between the stack of cork and walnut coasters and one of the “New Orleans” coasters! It was actually TOUCHING both! But alas, not ON either…and yes there is a very slight water ring. It’s very subtle and no one will ever notice it without me pointing it out, but that’s beside the point. They had to have PUSHED the coasters OUT OF THE WAY to put that bottle of wine there.

    Here’s the thing, is there a generation of people out there who just don’t know that you don’t put a wet (or hot or cold or any!) glass or coffee mug on bare wood? I blame the Formica industry! They’ve coddled us for so long that we’ve forgotten the danger!

  2. Elaine says:

    i just love these! We are trying to buy a 1963 house that is in original condition. I want to redo the kitchen with some tiled backsplash to add color. The idea of using these is fantastic. I can see a little square of them set in above the stov as a focal point.

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