Meet my new buddies, Will and Kate. They are small “Staffordshire” dogs made by Beswick aka Beswick Ware, of England.

beswick ware staffordshire dogs

I was up in Pittsfield for a meeting yesterday, and stopped quick (really!) by Ron’s Berkshire County Used Furniture to see what’s new and to snap some photos of vintage treasures. “Feed me!” the blog says. “Feed me!”

vitnage hat

Saw this hat. With little chenille bumblebees! And it fit (I have a very big head, no snide comments, please)!  Tried to wheedle Becky down from $3 to $2. She told me everything under $200 was half off. Whoopdee do.

vitnage beswick staffordshire dog

Had seen these guys on the way in… admired them…  and snapped their pic. At $125, they seemed like an extravagance, so I just kept on going. But at half-price — $62.50 — well, I could do that. Especially given the drought of estate sales here lately. Ants in my pants, and I need to dance! Thank the Retro Decorating Gods that I saw that hat!!!

staffordshire dogs by beswick ware

I think the Prince and Princess-to-be are from the “modern era,” don’t you? Their colors are actually very downtown and glamorous — creamy white, black, gray and gold. They look great in my traditional-modern-kitschy living room, where I don’t have an overload of tschoskes (<- I looked up the spelling). Really.

I don’t know anything about Staffordshire or about Beswick…. I buy what appeals to me, not for *investment value*. But, I see on ebay, they look collectible, and I that didn’t overpay. There are a thousand or more Vintage Beswicks, with even more beautiful and rarish looking pieces in England, home of Beswick. Does anyone know about these? Collect some Staffordshire yourself? Woof!

  1. Tut says:

    Dogs, always getting into trouble, drinking from the inkwells again.

    Those are strangely cool. Other than the odd black muzzles, I think it’s the eyebrows that make them different than run-of-the-mill porcelain figures.

  2. Gavin Hastings says:

    Rechercher- I’m calling Jonty!

    Flat-back would be quite early. These have really never stopped production, but due to the pristine condition, I would think they are from the 1980s.

    They were extremely popular during the Thatcher years.

  3. Lindsey Cota says:

    How Cute!
    They remind me of Gog and Magog from Anne of the Island. I think that’s the right book, the one where she goes to college.

    If they were a little bigger I would think they were of the same design!

  4. Gavin Hastings says:

    i was just going to add that they were painted by Liz Taylors’ makeup man!
    Joan used a 9″ paint roller.

  5. Sue says: has these in a bigger size. they have a small one, a larger one and large pair. they are fabulous.

    check them out.

  6. Claire says:

    After reading your comments I bid on a “modern era” doggie on eBay. I think he is a cousin of your two:-)

  7. Jane says:

    I have a pair of staffordshire dogs identical in appearance to those in your photo. The base has the number 1378-5, (gold letter a d or an o)
    Beswick, England, about 7 1/2 ” tall. Can you please tell me if they are fake or real ? I purchased thr, at an antique shop mid 1980 and the woman swore they were reaĺ.

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