vintage day of the week dish towelYou know how I mentioned yesterday that I have been in Kentucky for the past two weeks visiting with family and helping with some renovations to my Mom’s house? Well, I’ve now been here 17 days, and I am barely holding my blog together, what with all the to and all the fro. For sure, I am collecting lots of stories — but quiet time with computer is way harder to come by. For example, I have a whole little story to tell about vintage Day of the Week dish towels — a wonderful story — with lots of delightful images, and resources, and memories from Grandma and Aunt Mary Anne and Aunt Tootie, too. But it’s super late (as I write this), and I just had a Dairy Queen, and I am totally absolutely pooped. So for today’s blog post it will just have to be: TGIF.

This weekend I am doing a painting project for Mom’s house and going to see a movie with Dad. How about you?

  1. Judy says:

    I read some time ago, about the reason they had ironing day on a certain day and wash day on a certain day, and I cant find it again.
    But I do remember something about that ironing day was because of the electric grid. They ironed on I think Wednesday, because the electric company would add more juice to the grid for that purpose, usually they didnt’ have alot of electricity going during the day, because the men were at work, in the evening they turned up the juice to the grid all but that one day, so women could iron. Does anyone know where I can find that info at?

    1. pam kueber says:

      I’m sitting with Aunt Mary Anne, and I quote, “Any woman living KNOWS Monday is wash day. Don’t include men, because they don’t know anything about what women do.” Electric grid? “Who had electricity?” Tuesday is ironing day, because that is the day after wash day.

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