vintage day of the week dish towelYou know how I mentioned yesterday that I have been in Kentucky for the past two weeks visiting with family and helping with some renovations to my Mom’s house? Well, I’ve now been here 17 days, and I am barely holding my blog together, what with all the to and all the fro. For sure, I am collecting lots of stories — but quiet time with computer is way harder to come by. For example, I have a whole little story to tell about vintage Day of the Week dish towels — a wonderful story — with lots of delightful images, and resources, and memories from Grandma and Aunt Mary Anne and Aunt Tootie, too. But it’s super late (as I write this), and I just had a Dairy Queen, and I am totally absolutely pooped. So for today’s blog post it will just have to be: TGIF.

This weekend I am doing a painting project for Mom’s house and going to see a movie with Dad. How about you?

  1. Amy Hill says:

    I hope your knee gets better soon. It’s no fun being laid up, thinking of all the things you would rather be doing!

  2. Jkaye says:

    Am I the first one to mention taxes? We have to finish ours up. Then we’ll spend time with family members who are coming to town to visit husband’s mother, who now is in a nursing home (suffering from dementia and other issues, as others mentioned earlier). Also plan to spend some time packing up some boxes as we actually prepare to get our house on the market. Yes, after four years of listening to me whine about how I don’t like this house, fellow readers can feel relief that we finally are getting around to putting it on the market! Pam, hope the sun is shining bright as you work on your Mom’s Kentucky home.

  3. Gavin Hastings says:

    Yes and no.
    After she told me she wanted to go home and “see the kids” I sat in my car and cried. It only re-enforces my belief that a natural life make a full circle.

  4. SAS says:

    That’s what I was thinking! In fact, I haven’t embroidered in 30 years at least and can’t recall a single thing my Mom taught me, but our “new to us” home (along with some offers on eBay) brought out my desire for some vintage transfers and to make some dish towels, tablecloths, and pillow cases.

    Pam – There is a site that provides images of old copyright expired transfers for free online. If you can’t find it easily on Google (or don’t have the time), just e-mail me and I’ll share the embroidery links I found.

  5. Trina says:

    So here is the update on the weekend plans…. got the Starburst dishes. Very excited. I was all over the place looking for a bathroom sink. Stopped at every place that looked like they might have a slim chance of having “my” sink hidding in a dark corner. About to give up as I was leaving yet another second hand store I spotted a man with “my” sink in the back of his truck. Long story short – $20 later she was in my trunk! Yeah! Now to find a great deal on a set of legs. Happy weekend everyone.

  6. Trina says:

    I agree. I am new to your blog and new to having a retro home, so this was a great way to get started.

  7. Shelly in Phoenix says:

    Re: the day-of-the-week embroidered dish towels…did anyone else have a set of day-of-the-week (ahem) panties? I ADORED the ones I had when I was in second grade! Really, quite practical (and logical). Ha ha!

  8. Judy says:

    I read some time ago, about the reason they had ironing day on a certain day and wash day on a certain day, and I cant find it again.
    But I do remember something about that ironing day was because of the electric grid. They ironed on I think Wednesday, because the electric company would add more juice to the grid for that purpose, usually they didnt’ have alot of electricity going during the day, because the men were at work, in the evening they turned up the juice to the grid all but that one day, so women could iron. Does anyone know where I can find that info at?

  9. pam kueber says:

    I’m sitting with Aunt Mary Anne, and I quote, “Any woman living KNOWS Monday is wash day. Don’t include men, because they don’t know anything about what women do.” Electric grid? “Who had electricity?” Tuesday is ironing day, because that is the day after wash day.

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