Aluminum countertop trim from Eagle Mouldings and RetroTrims.com

aluminum countertop trimsOur list of suppliers for metal kitchen counter top edging continues to grow — with the addition of Eagle Moulding, a distributor in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Eagle Mouldings’ large inventory includes a two styles of aluminum counter top edgings, in a variety of sizes. Metal counter top edging is a very popular way to inject authentic vintage style into a retro kitchen. Eagle Moulding is the direct supplier to many furniture manufacturers and, in fact, I see at least one of these edgings explicitly mentioned over on the Bars & Booth moldings page.

aluminum countertop edgingNosing around Eagle’s website (how fun am I on a Saturday night??) I also see they have “plain face nosing”. Go nose around — I bet you’re just like me and think there is no better way to waste time than to surf through a few hundred varieties of metal trim to imagine potential uses.

coves for retro countertops

For example, Thor: Wouldn’t the coves above also work for our retro countertop installations???? And, this is off-topic, but before I die, I really want some slat wall. 

Prices are not listed on the website — you can call or email RetroTrims.com with your enquiries. But prices are no big secret, Thor sent me the price list and as an example, the 1-1/4″ tee molding (bottom row) is just over $14 for a 12′ length. The next size up, the 1-1/2″ aluminum countertop edging is about $27 for 12′. There is no minimum $100 order — you can just order what you need. 

I also like that the webpage shows us how tee moldings work. Above, left: You cut out the notch to make a bend… and center and right: You need a “wing cutter” to cut into your countertop edge, then you fit the tee in the groove.  Thanks to an unidentified reader — who must live near Eagle Mouldings — who told one of the new owners of the company, Thor Smith, about the blog. Now, Thor is an advertiser — over in the right-hand column with a special page just for these retro-style countertop edgings, RetroTrims.com. (This story was not part of the advertising deal.)

Link:  Aluminum kitchen countertop edging on RetroTrims.com

  1. Frank Mitchell says:

    We are planning to install the 1-1/2” flat t molding on our countertop. We were wondering how tight a radius it can be bent around? We have three 4” radius’s and one 1”radius.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Frank, on questions like this it’s recommended to consult with the manufacturer/retailer. Good luck!

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