Breaking news: 5 styles of mid century modern front door backplates — including atomic star — from Rejuvenation

reproduction mid century modern front door backplateOkay here’s more breaking news: five styles of mid century modern front door backplates, or escutcheons, launched by Rejuvenation in catalogs arriving today. These include the much-desired atomic star backplate. The style above, the Titan, is in three finishes — bright brass, polished chrome and bright chrome.mid century modern doorplate atomic star

There also is a more subdued star, the Atlas, also available in the three finishes. There also are three more subdued — but equally attractive reproductions on their website. Circles and squares. All of these look to be authentic reproductions of midcentury modern manufacturers. I am announcing this on a Saturday of a holiday weekend — cuz that’s when my catalog landed in my mailbox. I’ll get more info on the original sources during the workweek. These reproduction are around $200, or a bit more. One of their advantages, I presume, is that they are sized for today’s door-knob and -bore sizes. Link: Door sets from Rejuvenation.

    1. pam kueber says:

      I am not absolutely sure but would guess that polished chrome was more popular. You should ask Rejuvenation if they have any historic information to answer this question.

      Likewise, ask them about salt air resistance…

      Good luck.

  1. Kelly says:

    @Susan: I read another post somewhere about the same issue you have – they suggested calling Beeson Hardware (High Point, NC) for replacement parts. They have a website, too. http://www.beesonhardware.com/ (although I don’t see specifically what you’re looking for). Maybe a phonecall is in order!

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