Doorbells for a midcentury house including atomic starburst

mid century doorbell
You only have one chance to make a good first impression, which has a fueled an entire industry focused on curb appeal. And, what does a visitor do when they arrive at the front door? They ring the doorbell, of course. Recognizing this, Rejuvenation has three new midcentury modern doorbells — and they looks to be pretty faithful reproductions of the styles we often see, New Old Stock on ebay, from manufacturers like Nutone, Kwikset and Hall-Mack.

doorbells for a mid century houseThese doorbells — including the super fun atomic starburst — all great for a midcentury ranch house or coolonial — come in three designs, each in three finishes. They aren’t very expensive — $22 to $32. If you are a purist, you can still keep an eye out for authentic stock, I see it fairly regularly on ebay. Some readers have reported installing vintage doorbells with no problem, and they worked immediately. I do not have personal experience with this. But I do want to note: I have been told it’s smart to rewire old stuff, even if it’s never been used; consult with a pro. Link: Midcentury style doorbells from Rejuvenation.

  1. weed30 says:

    Love those! I have the one below, which is not particularly mid century, but it made me smile. I did not get it at Rejuvination, but they do carry it. (I paid about half of what Rejuvination is charging!)

    (link expired)

  2. Wendy M. says:

    I just installed the Rejuvenation starburst doorbell and I love it! (I decided to go that route after being repeatedly out-bid on ebay for vintage.) In addition to the great style, I like the fact that the lighted button really puts out quite a bit of light.
    (It replaced a “Medallion Home” button that had been installed by the original owners, but had lost all it’s finish and was in sad shape. It would have been nice to continue using it, but it did not make a good first impression at the front door!)

  3. Carole says:

    Rejuvenation is a fabulous store to browse around in (Portland).

    In the past we’ve purchased Craftsman style outdoor lighting, as well as push button light switches, and a few other small items. Their prices are high on a lot of stuff, but they are serious about reproduction goods (and carry a lot of the real thing too).

    I get their catalog and visit the store quite a bit, but missed the doorbells. Very cool.

  4. Kimmy Kupcakes says:

    We just got the starburst doorbell. Love it! Also got all the starburst bathroom accessories to go in our previously pink bathroom we are in the process of returning to pink.

  5. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    Just received the starburst bathroom shelf and towel racks from Rejuvenation and can’t wait to put them up! I purchased a vintage NOS Nutone starburst doorbell off of ebay and wired it right in and have not had any problems with it (for 6 months thus far). It is lighted and works great! If I did not already purchase the NuTone doorbell, I certainly would have purchased the Rejuvenation model because they are very true to the original design and (I think) very reasonably priced.

  6. Jeff says:

    I have this starburst doorbell! Came with the house along with starburst backplates to the exterior doors.

    I will be ordering the Rejuvenation starburst collection of bathroom accessories, just as soon as I get the tile from WORLD OF TILE!!

    I really don’t need to go anywhere else but RetroRenovation for everything I need!

  7. Beth says:

    This is killing me, Pam! I’ve got to have it.

    We are closing on a 1956 ranch in Minneapolis this Thursday, and I’ve been following you for months now. The house has only had one owner so it still has its pink bathroom and knotty pine basement (with a bar!). I can share photos after we close. Your site has been invaluable to me already. I even started up a blog for our families to follow us as we restore it.

  8. Trouble says:

    I haven’t been on here much recently bc I’m getting my house ready to paint. Scraping, wood putty, priming…..takes alot out of a guy!

    When it’s done, I’ll be ordering one of these brass starburts for the front door!

  9. Katie B says:

    I love this doorbell. I just installed it on our ’58 ranch, and was completely surprised to find that it was lighted! I must have overlooked that little detail when I purchased it, but it was a very welcome find.

    I also purchased the narrow star doorknob escutcheon, but it doesnt quite fit on my door. The previous owners installed a gaudy new multi-paneled, designed glass door, which I have been looking to replace with a flush-wood door. I have had a hard time finding one with offset or widely spaced knob and lock holes. Any suggestions? Big box hardware stores look at me like I’m crazy and point me towards those tacky mcmansion doors.

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