Kit-Cat Clock turns 80 — a classic collectible still Made in the USA

One of the coolest things yet on the blog: A working Kit-Cat clock! In celebration of the 80th anniversary of this American icon, I connected with the nice folks at the California Clock Company — the sole manufacturers of the Kit-Cat Clock — and they gave me the pieces to make my own little online eyes-moving, tail-wagging Kit-Cat clock. I have named him Englebert. Happy birthday, K-C, you don’t look a day over 21! Seriously, the Kit-Cat clock has an illustrious past — and a remarkable present — including the dedication of the company’s owner to keep it Made in the USA. Read on for more about the fabulous Kit-Cat clock.

Made in the USA — for 80 years

One of the things that I learned in my conversation with the California Clock Company, is that the only changes to Kit-Cat clock in the past few decades have come when various component manufacturers started moving their production overseas. But Woody Young, the owner of the company, did not want such a famous piece of Americana to have made-in-Wherever parts — he wanted everything Made in the USA (with occasional exceptions, such as the special-edition clocks made with Austrian crystals.) So,  there have been some redesigns to the internals to make sure the company could get all the parts here. That is: They spent money — they went the extra mile — to keep the jobs in America. Wow. The Kit-Cat clock continues to be super popular today — not only in the U.S. but also all around the world. An export! There’s even a fan club and a Kit-Cat® Creed:

Put a smile on everyone’s face;
Love in everyone’s heart;
Energy in everyone’s body;
and Be a positive force in everyone’s life!

History and how to date of a vintage Kit-Cat clock

The Kit-Cat clock was born in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. And while it’s had some minor modifications over the years, it’s pretty much the same swingin’ cat. The Kit-Cat history page is excellent at providing info about marks and features that can help you date a vintage clock (tip: Dinner and a movie are always appropriate.) Here’s just a tidbit:

If the back of the clock states “Portland, OR” it is late 30’s.
If the back of the clock states “Seattle, WA” it was made in the 40’s if it is a metal back.
If the back of the clock states “Seattle, WA” with a plastic back and no front paws it was made in the early 50’s.
If the back of the clock states “Seattle, WA” with a plastic back and has front paws it was made mid to late 50’s.
The bow tie was added about 1954.
etc….see the website.

kit cat clock with a helmet

You can buy new Kit-Cat clocks today straight from the California Clock Company. They come in a large number of colors, and the company comes out with several special editions every year. There are also upgrades — like a Kit-Cat with a football helmet — oh, and increasingly, they have sports team colors on the clocks, too. Hmmm, Father’s Day is coming up, this gives me an idea.

 Thank you, California Clock Company, for all the fabulous information and photos. May you have another prosperous 80 years of the Kit-Cat Clock!

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  1. Shirley says:

    I can’t keep the batteries in tight enough. They keep slipping and then I have to remove it from the wall and try to put them back in place. What can I do?

  2. joe says:

    I buy and rebuild old used kit cat,s you can get all the parts and help

    from california clock company on line…. and they have helpful videos

  3. Ann Clark says:

    I have the regular size black cat clock which I bought at a clock store in Mesa, Arizona a few years ago. The problem I have had is the tail and eyes have stopped working. It is still keeping the correct time. Do you think if I but new batteries in it, it would start to work properly or does it need to be serviced? Please reply thank you.

  4. Casey says:

    I love my Kit Cat clock and can’t wait to hang it up in my new, retro teal and yellow kitchen! (Just moved 3 days ago) I’ve had it since my 11th birthday when I picked it out in a catalog and put it on my birthday list. The clock works fine, but the eyes and tail only move a tiny bit. I’ll have to check out the Dr. page on the clock website. I think there are magnets in there that have lost their strength.

  5. CrabbyAbby says:

    Love Love Love the Kit Cat clocks! My husband bought me 2 of the turquoise ones for Christmas–one for home, one for the office–because he knew how much I adored them. For those having problems with the eyes and tail moving, try checking out their website. They have a link that says Dr. Kit Cat (or something of that nature) to help you diagnose and fix any problems. Such a great product, and yes, it makes me smile too everytime I look at my clock!

  6. Just another Pam says:

    I have a bright yellow vintage Miss Kit-Cat but until I can find the time to get her to stop dropping rhinestones, the old glue ain’t what it used to be, she’s been tucked away. She works well and there’s even a plug at the right height in the middle of one kitchen wall. There’s an old school clock there right now but my granddaughter wants Miss Kit-Cat back there….nag nag nag ;o)

  7. John Briggs says:

    Great article Pam! The Kit Cat clock is really an American icon. Other iconic American brands would be Fiesta, Wigwam socks, Allen Edmonds shoes to name a few. Please stop by my blog if you have a minute to check these brands and other U.S. made products at simply-american.net. Thanks, John Briggs

  8. Jamie Farone says:

    I love my kit kat clock also!! unfortunately with it being 2 C batteries, its not strong enough to move the eyes and tail.. it makes me very sad.. the mechanics inside are so easy for the batteries and moving parts.. i cant figure out why it isnt strong enough ever to move the eyes and tail….. ive even tried different brands of batteries.. I wish they could remake the electric ones.. saves the cost on batteries too!

    1. gsciencechick says:

      Mine won’t move any more either.

      When I was little, our big department store had the Kit-Cat clocks in every color. I even remember an orange one!

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