Palm Springs Stephan was at the Palm Spring Modern Show last month, and sent me an email crowing about the atomic clock and sign art of Stevo Cambronne — aka Stevotomic. I caught up with Stevotomic as he was driving home from the show, and he told me about his evolution from telephone installman… to ski bum… to creator of atomic art. Yes: Quite similar to D’Lana and James at Moon Shine Lamp & Shade, here’s another story about reinvention inspired by the gravitational pull of midcentury design. Today, Steve and his wife Beverly together craft beautiful atomic-, midcentury-, and googie-inspired wall clocks, diner clocks, welcome signs, tiki art, and more.

“I have been a fulltime artist for 27 years,” Steve told me. “This began when I was 32, and a very unhappy telephone installer. I was one of those lost puppies who knew that there was something I wanted to do… and I went to find it.” Steve moved to Denver. Those were his ski bum/instructor days. Beverly was his girlfriend there. Stevo’s “Aha moment” of inspiration to become an artist, he said, came when he was browsing the piles at a Denver bookstore and opened a book by Alexander Calder. That was it. He and Beverly started making jewelry and sculpture, and that was successful for the next 15 years.
But 12 years ago, when the pair (now married) moved from Denver into a fabulous midcentury modern house in the Wisconsin Dells,  it was a “colliding of two worlds.” Steve said. It was then that pair began creating functional art for mid mod homes.

Steve explained to me that all these clocks and signs are cut from steel. He does the design and welding. Beverly does the painting. They are self trained. “These are built to last,” he says. “They are one of a kind unless someone finds one they want to reproduce. I am not a production artist. I’m blessed with the ability to create one right after the other.”

Steve marvels, by the way, at the vast array of colors now available in enamel spray paints. Twelve years ago, he said, it was white, red, blue… the basics. Now, there is a huge pastel rainbow — great for adding color to his works. Good times.

Steve is quite chatty — exuberant about his work. I like Steve and Beverly and their story and their atomic clocks and signs and how they are Living the Dream in mid mod atomic land. Very much. xoxo

Thank you, Steve, for taking the time to talk to me, and thank you both for granting permission for me to feature

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    1. pam kueber says:

      You need to contact Stevotomic directly. There are two hotlinks to his website in the story. Bold brite blue text = hotlinks to click.

  1. Jo Beretta says:

    Steve! I just bought my first camper which is the ’61 Re-Issue of the Shasta Airflyte. I love your Tiki and diner creations, how do I go about ordering something from you?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Jo, the bold bright blue text are all hotlinks that will take you to the websites of the companies we profile. Click them!

    1. Charlotte Neville says:

      Steve hiw much is your atomic clock. My daughter really loves it. I’m not sure if I could ever aford you beautuful art though.

  2. Gary Frisch says:

    Steve and Bev rock! I miss hanging out with them in Baraboo, Wisconsin (not Wisconsin Dells, but close).

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