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  1. Laura Thompson says:

    It’s cliche, but the term will pass someday. We all need a little space to ourselves now and then!

  2. Dawn says:

    I very happily helped my fiance decorate his “Man Cave”. The term doesn’t bother me at all. Life is all about compromise and this was one of ours.

    It is a place for him to display his rather large collection of craft beer (Not crappy beer like stated above) and his sports memorabilia and various things that are important to HIM yet not exactly things I want to see every day.

    I think its a great compromise for some couples. He should be allowed his misc. collections and being tucked in the basement in his cave they don’t bother me because they aren’t MCM.

    This arrangement fits us fine.

  3. hannah says:

    Wonderful snapshot of your Aunt & Uncles lives. Loved reading it. “Pouting Room” – *LOLOLOL*

  4. hannah says:

    The term doesn’t bother me, it’s become part of the pop culture fabric the last few years. I don’t mind if a guy has his man cave either.

    Mr Wonderful and myself have had our own ‘caves’ (if you will) the last 16 of our 20 years together. We keep our own bedrooms. His is full of video / audio recording crap in a function form for him, and mine is full of pink, gold decor among my Heywood-Wakefield aesthetic type of crap of a bedroom set. 😀

    A future project is to build out part of the basement for an office for myself so I’m not sitting here in a corner of the living room. Then, I’ll have the cave. But what do we call a female’s cave??

  5. Allison says:

    My husband has his “listening room”, where he has his record player and books. There is nothing wrong with a room where he can have have his stuff. I just hate the words “man cave”. It just irks me. It makes me feel like a “no girls allowed” clubhouse kind of thing.

  6. Annette says:

    I’m just tired of hearing “man cave”. There’s even a bar & grill that just opened near me called The Man Cave. Meh. I have no problem with men having spaces of their own, but “man cave” just sounds dumb to me. Makes me think of Tim from Home Improvement.

  7. JKaye says:

    I don’t really want a home theatre kind of man cave. I want a basement where you can put stuff you don’t want to look at but still need, and a place to go into when there is a tornado warning. A tornado cave, if you will.

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