Luna chairs — affordable, authentic, funky 1970 interior design still available today

luna high back chairsWhen I was writing all those stores about where to buy 28 affordable midcentury and modern sofas, and then 29 sofa-sectionals and then 11 round sofas, I also discovered these fantabulous chairs: The Luna chair, first spotted at Dania/Plummers. Yes, this is the pricing from Dania/Plummers/Scandinavian Design (same company); more info from my call, below. I did more online research and found that this chair is made and marketed by IMG Comfort. They are based in Norway, and their website explains the provenance of this cozy chair:

An instant classic since 1970 when acclaimed Norwegian designer Odd Knutsen introduced his Luna Chair. Knowing IMG’s passionate pursuit of perfection, Knutsen assigned our company the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute his groundbreaking design worldwide. Underlying the Luna Chair’s unobtrusive design is a level of comfort rarely obtained by even the most expensive chairs. This you must experience first-hand to believe.

luna chairThe Luna chair seems to be available via various retailers within the U.S. In my cursory research, Dania/Plummers / Scandinavian Designs appeared to have very competitive prices. I talked to a super helpful manager at Scandinavian Designs in Berkeley, Calif. She confirmed the prices I listed above. She said that these chairs are now made in Thailand, which is what has kept prices low. The leather is from Europe. She said they do not do online sales. However, if you call Berkeley, she said she could give you the shipping dimensions and if you take responsibility for the shipping, you could buy one that way. The chairs do require assembly, and she said it’s a pain. If you are buying for pickup at the store, they do the assembly for you in advance. Finally — they no longer do custom orders — there are a handful of colors of leather regularly available, and two wood colors. 

luna high back chairI love the groove-tastic look of these chairs, but I also want to point out: They are not ginormous on-steroids — like so many American easy chairs today. They are just 29″ x 29″ x 29″ (I rounded), with a 22″ space for your tush to nestle into. This is a very small footprint — great for our smaller houses, perhaps?

luna ottoman and table
There also is an ottoman.

On the Mauk’s of Jonesborough website, I found some additional options.

What terrific chairs! They deserve to be big sellers in today’s retro-crazed market! These are so pretty, I am using lots and lots of exclamation points!


  1. Rikki says:

    Can someone point me in the right direction or send me some instructions on how to assemble the luna chair and ottoman

  2. Gerri says:

    Can anyone e-mail me the instructions of how to put these chairs together? Also, does anyone know if the Trend leather cover is a good leather for these chairs?

    I would appreciate any information you can provide me.

  3. Michele Garber says:

    I never heard of these chairs until I came upon 2 at Home Consignment Center in Corta Madera, CA. The gently used chairs are selling for $399.00 with an ottoman in black leather. The chairs are marked made in Norway, by Hjellegjerde. I’m trying one out for 24 hours. Its a low back. I think its a little pricey for a used chair, however after doing the research, maybe not. Its starting to grow on me.
    Scan designs no longer carries this chair, but Vicking Trader in Berkeley does.

  4. nicky says:

    We lived in the US for a couple of years and bought a pair of these chairs and footrest from House of Denmark in GA. We have had them 7 years, they get lots of use and are like new. Fantastic chairs. We are currently buying a 1960’s bungalow to renovate in MCM style. These are practically the only pieces of furniture that work!

  5. Shelley says:

    I stand corrected! I called again to double check my color selection and boy am I glad I did! The lady on the phone had only charged me for the leather portions on each item. Whoops! So, yes. The price is now $498 and $199, as advertised. Too bad for me, but still a great deal!

    1. Kimberly says:

      I was super jealous & in awe of your awesomely major score! I’m better now 🙂 Particularly, after i just found chair number two w/ottoman at the originally suggested price point.

      What you’ve learned, however, is still beneficial, as it suggests there is the ability to order items ala carte. Want a new leather color, new base? Purchase what you need & nothing more. Cool beans!

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