Greg and Tammy’s 1953 Kelvinator Foodarama — before, after & inside — 10 pics

The Kelvinator Foodarama “before”:

Kelvinator Foodarama before restoration

The Kelvinator Foodarama “after”:

Kelvinator Foodarama side by side refrigerator after restoration oh my goodness it's gorgeous

Inside “before:

interior of kelvinator food a rama

Inside “after”

Inside of a vintage Kelvinator foodarama after restoration

Close up of what’s for breakfast:

foodarama breakfast bar
After seeing Greg and Tammy’s fabulous retro red farm house kitchen remodel, there was call to see more of the Kelvinator Foodarama refrigerator. I had been planning it — already had the “before” shot of the behemoth before Greg repainted it with auto body “safety red.” But then Greg sent more photos and Oh My Gosh, look at this refrigerator. I had no idea. It is gorgeous inside. I waaaaaant that Breakfast Bar. I ask Greg what is the model year and he writes:
Pam I think it’s a 1953 model. It was very complete when we got it, Breakfast bar, juice containers, 4 of 6 original ice trays, banana bin. The only major thing missing was the saran wrap holder. The refrigerator trays roll out, the metal freezer shelves actually have the cooling tubes attached; it will freeze ice cubes in 20 minutes.
egg compartment of a vintage kelvinator foodaramaThe original owner from Altoona, Pa, a lady named Belle, took great care of this classic. We consider ourselves caretakers of this fabulous Kelvinator Foodarama!
metal drawer bins of a vintage kelvinator foodarama refrigeratorGlass juice holders for a Kelvinator Food-A-Rama refrigeratorvintage glass juice containersKelvinator logo
Am attaching more interior pics. Please include the one with our 14-year old, Shane. He would be thrilled!

Well, tks, to you, Greg!

Wanna see –>  a later model Foodarama? It’s pretty cool too.

Patrick C. and Helen S., what do you think?: Is the Foodarama more elusive – hence desirable — than a built-in Revco???

More Retro Renovation Foodarama trivia: The Foodarama gets a call out in the big New York Times story all about our blog! 🙂

  1. Kelley E says:

    At his is the most awesome refrigerator I’ve ever seen! I want one! But in blue. Lol

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics! Brightened my night!

    Kelley in CA

  2. Priscilla Nygaard says:

    My grandmother in North Carolina always referred to the refrigerator as the “Kelvinator”! I fondly remember her RC Cola bottles in her Kelvinator… with a rubber plug in the top… obviously… who would drink a whole 10oz. RC at once?!

  3. Steven says:

    I’m guessing that they decided to go ahead and keep the bananas from the “Inside Before” pic?

  4. richard gale says:

    Pam, do you know if it would be possible to talk or write craig about the kelvinator refrigerator? Am blind, work on appliances, and have questions on the unit.

  5. Randy says:

    I have one in awesome condition, peach or pink, cant really tell, needs restored, everything is there and it works. I have it in my garage and keep beer and parts in it. Can send pics if interested.

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