dachsund planters collection This weekend’s invitation to readers to upload photos of their recent thrifty vintage finds was so much fun — so full of fabulous — that I decided to call out some of my favorites photos. I’ve kind of focused on photos of the unusual, the colorful and … well … photographed well! First up, above: Jadie’s collection of vintage dachsund planters. “Not all at once of course, but we love our little dachshund finds,” Jadie says. Oh my word — this photo shows better than I could ever try to explain, the immense visual power of massing and repeating your collectibles. Just gorgeous, Jadie! Continue for 13 more great photos from inside readers’ collections –>

vintage sweatersThese vintage sweaters are six-times prettier when you photograph them all together. Uploaded by an anonymous reader who says, “Vintage sweaters!  Still love ’em, still wear ’em.”

vintage letterpress

I love vintage letterpress pieces. Another no-name reader says: “I rescued some very cool printers block and letterpress type from some long neglected storage at the family’s printing shop. Does anyone know what an Otis Vim-o-matic is?”

vintage pinch pleat drapesIn the comments on the upload post, everyone ooohed and aaaahed at Lynne’s $5.00 auction pinch pleat drapes. Yes!

dresser converted to master bathroom sinkWow, this reader took a vintage dresser and converted it to a double sink for the master bathroom. It looks great! Anonymous s/he said: “Craig’s List faux bamboo dresser :$60. Photo doesn’t show the lovely shade of celery green. Have not polished all the hardware yet…”

vintage red high chairCrikey, this one is cute overload. anony says: “Baby High Chair found in a local Thrift Store for 18 bucks!” Important to research, folks: Before you use a vintage high chair, be sure to research whether it’s safe.

vintage couch by flexsteelAnother anonymous reader uploaded this sofa beauty, saying: “Just got this totally cool Flex Steel couch at an Estate Sale for $15! I am still excited about it!” I love the needlecrafts on the walls — and that braided rug, too. Lovely palette emerging here — red, linen-yellow, brown and black.

his and hers shot glassesThese are very sezy. Another unidentified reader says, “Aww….His & Her’s shot glasses.  Can’t get much more romantic than that!”

ski party posterI bet they had those shot glasses at the Ski Party. This photo of a vintage Ski Party poster was uploaded by midcenturythriftygal

midcentury living roomHere’s another wonderful living room with great color coordination — and graphic appeal — goin’ on. The couch is from cragislist, the chair is from ebay and the table, Elpis & Wood, the reader said.

fireplaceAnother ski party accoutrement. To die for. “Condon-King Aztec fireplace in Inca Gold. Free. Owners were remodeling their house and were going to throw it in the dumpster!” – vitaminimodern

broyhill emphasis bedroom setThis is the first time I’ve seen Broyhill Emphasis on the blog. I like it.!”Broyhill ‘Emphasis’ bedroom set (also includes a large, tri-fold mirror) on Craigslist. That headboard fits a Queen!” – Becky from Iowa

vintage plate collectionMore from vitaminimodern. “Plate collection, Goodwill and Salvation Army.” Lovely photograph. Are the sweaters yours, too, vitamini? I’m guessin…

bitossi lampsThis reader reports having two of these “blue table lamps.” Perhaps they are Bitossi Rimini Blu lamps? That would would be good luck indeed. But to heck with the lamps: That kid and his smile are just THE BEST.

  1. Sherree says:

    I just saw my Ski Party poster was shown on here 🙂 I must have missed a day checking out your site. Shame on me 🙁
    Thanks Pam for including it!

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