133 vintage recipe cards, cookbooks and finished treats

bread and butter pickles

Aren’t beloved recipes that make it down the family tree — or across the backyard fence — the best?

Over at A Way to Garden, my friend Margaret is focusing all week on putting up the harvest. She started by showing off these Mrs. Whitacre’s pickled cukes, made from a 1952 recipe card. Margaret got these pickles and the recipe from her friend Nancy, who explained:

“Mom got it from our over-the-back-fence neighbor in Michigan. Viola Whitacre and her husband, Archie, lived in the house behind ours. Archie was the gardener; Viola kept the house and was the kind of neighbor who made us special cookies and shared jars of these wonderful bread and butter cukes, as she called them…

Over the Labor Day weekend, Retro Renovation readers shared 133 photos of their favorite recipe cards and/or cookbooks and/or photos of the delicious results.  Continue on to see their photos and stories about collecting recipes, too. –>

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  1. Margaret says:

    My mom had promised me all her old recipe books, but unfortunately I got a copy of her will & my brother is getting everything…not even her only grandchildren or great grandchildren… they will probably end up in a yard sale

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