Cullen Meyer — New music video of his amazing retro wonderland apartment

Bonus content today! We made a music video of Cullen Meyer — “The Crown Prince of Kitsch’s” — fantastic Brooklyn apartment. Special Thanks to Christopher Considine for his original song, “Arts and Crafts”. <3 See the complete story about Cullen’s retro wonderland apartment here. Tip: Enlarge the YouTube video to see the photos of Cullen’s interiors like BaM PoW BIG!

And… do you love the music? I DO! The song is called Arts & Crafts, and it’s by an 18-yr-old singer songwriter — Chris Considine — who lives in my small town. The song is now available for sale online:

  1. I love love love all of Cullen’s lamps. And the wall of ballerinas is a visual feast. (gorge?) Fabulous. Great photos, great outfit and the style gizmo is super cool in Cullen’s dressing room. Oh the furniture…I can feel the imprint of the nap on my thighs. What a great tour. Thanks RR TV! xo S

  2. Diane in CO says:

    It’s been mentioned several times but I just have to say, Pam, you look sensational in that blue 2-piece dress. Very swanky. Good find!

    It was fun to revisit Cullen’s apartment.

  3. Amy in Sacramento, CA says:

    Thanks for featuring Cullen’s apartment again — what a feast for the eyes! I absolutely LOVE what he has put together.

  4. Dulcie says:

    Pictures from Cullen’s apartment look like a real life Eye-Spy book. There’s so much there I don’t think I’d ever notice it all. I’m a minimalist and keep very little, though I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at other people’s collections. I”m so glad there are people like Cullen out there so I can enjoy their collections without having the anxiety of actually having all that stuff in my own house. Thanks for sharing!

    ps, I love the dress

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