Rich lime green from vintage David Hicks — fresh sitings of my 2013 Color of the Year

david hicks wallpaperLuscious, rich, key lime green — as found on 1970s Broyhill Premier Chapter One furniture — is my 2013 Color of the Year. Which means I’ll feature sightings now and again all year long, as the Retro Decorating Gods serve slices up to me in my live and virtual travels. Today’s case: This wonderful vintage David Hicks wallpaper for sale on ebay. 


What a pretty color. I contend that all the LARGE scale geometrics we see in rugs and painted on walls circa 2011-2012 and continuing into 2013 are all very derivative of David Hicks, only dramatically enlarged. Ginormous chevrons everywhere in contemporary design, still. These designer are all just channeling David Hicks.

(Ebay listings, which were in a carousel, are now gone.)

I am a fan of the original Hicks!

green-wallpaper-vintagevintage-green-wallpapervintage-wallpaper-1970sBack to rich lime green my color o’ the year: Ebay seller nelford, discoverer of the David Hicks wallpaper, also has this flowery green for sale. The flower power colors are just lovely. Thanks, nelford, for permission to show these wonderful wallpaper photos!

Broyhill-Premier-Chapter-One-Green-Dining-Room-Set (1)Finally, following my original story about Broyhill Premier Chapter One, I receive a thoughtful email from reader Mitch, who had just found and purchased the complete dining room set. Just awesome, absolutely carpe 70s. Yes, I am lime green with envy.

  1. TappanTrailerTami says:

    That dining set is over the top! I like it even better than the bedroom furniture posted before. Lucky lucky Mitch! I love how the chairs have curvature in the backs and the bases to help off set the otherwise angular architecture. Of course the mushroom bases help also. The color is really outstanding also!

    Green is my absolute favorite color but I don’t have much lime green in my house. Darker greens to apple green mostly.

  2. LoquaciousLaura says:

    Hi Pam, can I suggest that you mean “sightings” rather than “sitings?” That suggestion is from a place of love, I promise! I especially love this green — in my rental home about two moves ago, I had my entire living room painted the exact same as the seats on those Broyhill dining chairs. It was a tad overwhelming at first although crisp against the white trim, but once white bookshelves and books and a couch were in there, it was heavenly.

  3. Annie B. says:

    Mitch needs some curtains made from those wonderful green prints to go with his Chapter One, and a few spider plants in hanging baskets for good measure.

  4. Chris says:

    Lime green is one of my favorite colors! I love the neon version I’ve seen in a bunch of places lately! I’ll jump right back into the 80s and wear it, for sure!

  5. Sandra says:

    Fatal flaw: This color has a fatal flaw for me; it would make me look like I was on Death’s door with liver failure.

    I can’t be the only one who considers whether a color makes me look well…

  6. Dulcie says:

    You’re not, for me it’s that peachy orange color that was so popular in the late 80’s. Any shade of orange will do it, but peach especially corpsifies me. I avoid that color at all costs. I don’t think I own a single orange anything.

  7. judith hall says:

    LOVE the giant chevron patterned fabric in the first picture! I can visualize everything from chair pad covers to wall hangings with this. I SO prefer the lime green over Pantone’s emerald green. Lime has so much more energy and is not so serious. I just did a study with lime and navy and I love it!

  8. Alice says:

    Mitch – can’t wait to see you incorporate that set into your home…it must be awesome! Yep, green with envy here too. Pam, excellent color of the year as it is MY color and MY year!

  9. Marta says:

    Fond memories here. In 1975 I put lime green and lemon yellow Holly Hobbie shelf paper all over the kitchen in my first apartment. It was the main floor of an old victorian, with a big kitchen and cabinets that went up at least 10 feet. I painted all the cabinet doors lime green and hung lemon yellow gingham curtains in all the windows. Loved that kitchen! Huge 50’s stove in it, too.

  10. nina462 says:

    this is my favorite color – back in the 70’s we called it Jungle Green. My bedroom was this wall color with white furniture, while my best friend had the opposite – white walls with green furniture.

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