70s house style — new chenille carpet squares by FLOR

carpet for a 70s houseLast week, we got wind of FLOR’s latest line of colorful carpet tiles, and we like ’em! The new Chenille Charade FLOR carpet tiles seems to channel that 70s house: Check out the sculpted pattern — which seems to copy vintage towels…. And how about the earthy colors — including avocado, harvest orange and even flash-in-the-pan poppy. If you’re in the midst of putting together a 70s style interior — or simply want to add a bit of 70s house vibe underfoot — these new carpet squares might be just what you’ve been searching for. Thanks to Flor for the photos!

70s house styleBy now many folks have probably heard of FLOR — a company that makes carpet tiles that can be joined together with “Flor dots” and made into a custom area rug — or even installed as wall to wall carpeting.  As I type this, there are 5 different styles of FLOR tile in my home — in orange, deep teal, lime green, yellow and red. The wide range of colors and styles that FLOR offers is great for mid century and retro decorators — since they have nearly every color in the rainbow available.

Above: FLOR is calling this color “Charade Kiwi.” Here at Retro Renovation, we would say: “Avocado Green by any other name would look as sweet.”

vintage towelAbove: Pam added this photo of one of her 1970s vintage Fieldcrest towels. It’s a lighter shade of avocado, a different jacquard chenille, but the family resemblance seems undeniable. (Aside: Vintage towels are our the best bath towels for the money, we believe. To find them: Shop for them on etsy.com, and head straight for the linen closet at estate sales.)

Chenille FLOR tiles 1970s colorsFrom the product description:

Raised plush softness evokes a cottage coverlet… all vintage. But bold contrast etched through vivid hues keeps things contemporary. An instant heirloom. This style features a random pattern designed to vary from square to square, so patterns will not always align. Each tile is unique, not all variations may be shown in photography.

Chenille FLOR tiles 1970s colorschenille-charade_azure_sw

Above: Azure Chenille Charade — channels Bitossi Rimini Blu — our 2012 Retro Renovation color of the year.

1970s house harvest goldharvest goldAbove: Chenille Charade Maize — looks to us like a good proxy for 1970s harvest gold.

1970s house poppy rugpoppyAbove: Chenille Charade Tangerine — the failed  “Poppy” is baaaack!

antique red carpetantique redAbove: Chenille Charade Persimmon. Aka Antique red, albeit perhaps more vibrant than the original.

area rug graygray area rugAbove: Chenille Charade Frost. Hey, real grey, not greige!

This new style of FLOR tile $20 for a 19.7 inch x 19.7 inch square ($7.44 per sq. ft.) and is rated for high traffic areas. FLOR has a wide range of styles that range in price from $8/square to $40/square. If you live with messy kids, pets or other spill prone people these tiles could be the perfect solution because single tiles can be pulled up and cleaned in the kitchen sink — or if the stain is particularly bad — replaced without having to worry about replacing an entire, expensive area rug due to one stubborn stain or the family dog chewing on one corner. Colors and styles can be easily mixed and matched to create eye popping custom patterns. FLOR also has a recycling program, so if you ever tire of your tiles or they wear out, you can call the company, get a prepaid shipping label and send them back for recycling.

  1. Jill Vega says:

    I love the carpet and everything about the photo with that funky chair. Can someone tell me where I can find that chair?

  2. Dawn says:

    I love carpet tiles, but most people don’t realize that there are many many other options than just Flor. Carpet tiles have historically been a commercial product, and Flor is Mohawk’s residential line. There are more options if u start looking at commercial lines, which are no different. I bought our tiles from icarpetiles.com and they have so many color and pattern options it’s unbelievable. And they are all discounted so their prices are more like $2/ft vs the $9+/ft Flor tries to gauge it’s residential customers on. Same product, cheaper prices. Don’t pay them out the nose and eventually they will lower their prices so their product is more readily available to the average consumer.

    1. Rayna says:

      THANK YOU for mentioning icarpettiles.com. We have been searching for a more affordable option. This is FANTASTIC!

      1. CT says:

        Flor is actually a subsidiary of Interface. They’re a great company that has been doing carpet tile for quite some time and as a commercial interior designer, we use them all the time. The one thing I would mention with FLOR tiles is that they are not really designed to go down as area rugs over an already carpeted floor — the dots won’t keep it together. I’ve also heard of people using duct tape to hold their carpet tiles together and this can ruin the flooring below your area rug. I just put in an order for Flor last week and can’t wait to get it put together in our house. I’m doing two runners and one area rug and can’t wait! Cheers – CT

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