Luke designs and builds a mid century modern retro playhouse

retro playhouseCool Dad Luke is surely up for a dad o’ the year award: Look at this amazing mid century modern retro playhouse / play structure that he designed and built for his weebits. He and wife Sandy recently became owners of a gorgeous 1955 mid century modern house — and this swingset playhouse complements it spectacularly.

mid century modern playhouseLuke writes:

Hi Pam,

Great site! We found it after moving to Florida from Indiana and purchasing a 1955 custom mid century house.

midcentury modern houseI am new faculty at the University of Florida and we were lucky enough to find a great place with two acres less than 10 minute bike ride to campus! Built-ins, pink bathroom, foil wallpaper, flat roof with vaulted section, corner window, built-in inside grill (!), the works.

mid century playhouseTo keep it short for now — I looked and looked for a good playhouse design to go along with our house, which I had promised to the kids once we made the move. They really wanted swings, a slide, etc.2.5 months later, I had what I think is a pretty spectacular playhouse that goes well with the house.

retro playhouseI designed and built it myself – but I did see some pictures somewhere (maybe in Dwell mag?) that were an inspiration. I’m an ecologist, not an architect or builder, so it took some time. I just sketched it on some paper and kind of made it up as I went along. Some of the features are requests of the kids, like the three windows that are about the heights of the three kids when we built it. And my oldest really wanted a front door with an actual doorknob!

Again, great site! We used your links to buy new toilet seats for both our pink and light grey (original!) toilets. Fortunately we were able to keep the seat with the owl painted on the inside. Luke

I want to come to your house to play. Nicely done, Luke — your children will remember this forever. Thank you for sharing your play house with us!

  1. gsciencechick says:

    Wow, I would’ve never left that space as a kid! The chicken coop is awesome, too.

    Add me to the list of people who would love to see the rest of the main house.

  2. Susan C. says:

    Playhouse is cute. Your yard is awesome. I live in Arkansas, what is that hanging from the trees? Spanish moss?

  3. Annie B. says:

    I’m loving Luke and Sandy’s playhouse as well as the little ones’. This is one fabulous property. I’m sure everyone on RR would delight in a tour of the interior.

    Good luck on your new position and congrats on finding such a gorgeous home.

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