midcentury style chicken coop

retro playhouse
The matching retro playhouse

Yesterday we took a look at the mid century modern style playhouse that Cool Dad Luke built for his kids. Alas and alack, the chickens were envious, so Luke gave them their own little mid century modern chicken coop to match. Yes, I gotta say it: This retro chicken coop is surely a design to crow about.

mid century modern house
Luke’s gorgeous mid century house

As with the first story, I was so impressed that I could hardly believe Luke really built this. He wrote back:

Hi Pam,

Yes, I built it. It was fairly easy because I had already built the playhouse and the design is really similar. Plus it was easier because it didn’t have to be as sturdy. The design of the playhouse was really important because of all the force exerted by kids swinging at once!

Besides what I knew from the design of the playhouse, I also looked at the many designs of backyard chicken coops online – there are tons! And some of them are super elaborate and really well built.

retro chicken coop

Elevating the house so the chickens could go underneath is a great idea, they love going under there for shade and I think it feels more secure for them. I can’t remember where I saw that but it wasn’t my idea. I just spent a few evenings searching online and then mashed up the design of the playhouse with the things I saw online.


Wow, some nice chicken shack, for sure! Thanks, Luke, you rockadoodle-do! Wallpaper border below from Hannah’s, just for fun.

vintage-chicken-wallpaper border

  1. Debbie Roupe says:

    Really like your coop. I have a similar set up with room underneath for extra space. I too get ribbed about my chicken condo. I am thinking about the rain barrel this year. Do you have yours directly hooked up to your watering font? Any ideas or suggestions on the rain water collection. Thank you!

    1. Trevor says:

      I agree. Please post materials list and plans? We have a midcentury ranch and I’m about to build something very similar to this in our backyard for our new chicks. Love your design and the playhouse! Nice work!

  2. Scott says:

    Awesome and hysterical, this “Design for Laying” made my day.

    Plus, my compliments, until now I thought tastefully-designed children’s play areas only existed in photos from vintage books, how wonderful to see a real world example.

  3. DudeAbides says:

    this is wonderful, through all of my research on coops this was the mishmash design I settled on. Great minds think alike! is that a really large nesting box or does it serve a dual purpose?

  4. Jacquiebear says:

    I just love the chicken coop and the retro colours. It looks quite Australian with the colour bond roof. This would also be a great design for Sydney Australia. Would love to see the plans online. Fantastic job!

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