Vornado introduces reproduction Vornado VFAN — Richard Ten Eyck 1945 design reissued

retro fan
70 years after its invention, Vornado now has reissued the classic “Vortex Tornado” fan design that inspired the company’s name. With patented engineering, and with styling by famed industrial designer Richard Ten Eyck, this Vornado fan design is one of the most famed in fan history — at peak popularity, nearly one-third of the fans sold in American were Vornados. Now reisssued, this Vornado VFAN is available in three colors — red, stainless and the gorgeous, original 1945 green. And, it’s “real metal” — yay!

Made mostly of metal like the original and updated with enhanced safety and quieter airflow, this delicious looking fan retails for $139. Currently it’s on Amazon for $130 (affiliate link):

Darn fun video — seriously, you gotta!

The video above shares more information about the company history of Vornado and the innovative fan design.

Info and photos from Vornado:

retro fanretro fanFrom the press release:


The Vornado “Fan” That Started It All Almost 70 Years Ago Has Returned

retro fan

In 1945, Vornado® introduced a fan with a unique appearance – that would soon become an icon of the “Streamlined” Age of Design. Now, nearly 70 years later, the quintessential Vornado returns as an authentic reissue called VFAN™.

retro fan

The original Vornado products challenged how a fan should look and function – focusing on finely tuned aerodynamics and pure power. The result was a “fan” that looked completely different, and had the ability to circulate all the air in the room. For the first time, in an era without air conditioning, everyone in the room could be cool and comfortable. With an “air circulator” there was no longer a need to stand in front of a fan to stay cool. The secret was Vornado’s “Vortex Tornado” airflow that was so unique and powerful that it literally inspired the company’s name – “Vornado”.

retro fan

Today, the VFAN™ delivers the same powerful circulation on which it’s reputation was built, and its classic styling adapts perfectly to any setting. Available in Chrome, Red and the original Vornado Green the VFAN™ blends harmoniously with any decor or color schemes. Though the classic design is a decorator’s dream, Vornado has also enhanced safety features and quieted the airflow, making VFAN™ perfect for the needs of today’s discerning consumer.

retro fan

True to the original, VFAN™ is built with high standards using real metal for durability and authenticity. The VFAN™ delivers true whole room air circulation – a 70 year old concept that still out-performs stationary and oscillating fans sold today. With Whole Room Circulation, everyone in the room feels comfortable. With a VFAN™ circulating the air in the room, the room feels up to 5 degrees cooler. This allows VFAN™ owners to save money by reducing their central air conditioning bills.

retro fan retro fan

The VFAN™ features 3 speed settings, and a pivoting head to direct airflow in any direction. The VFAN™ comes from an age when brands took pride in their products and stood behind them – the approach Vornado continues today. That is why VFAN™ comes with a 5 Year Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. Beyond a warranty, if a customer is not completely satisfied, Vornado® will repair or replace VFAN™ for 5 years from the date of verified original purchase.

retro fan

From circulators and heaters, to air purifiers and humidifiers, Vornado has a long line of products built to keep you comfortable. Now’s your chance to own the one that started it all.

UPDATE: Some of you have been wondering why the fan blades on the Vornado VFAN are plastic, Pam even thought she read somewhere that the original fan blades were also plastic, so I reached out to Brian Cartwright from Vornado for clarification on the matter.

Brian writes:

Various models of Vornado fans did have metal blades –primarily starting in the 1950’s.

However, Vornado’s original products in the 1940’s utilized “bakelite” blades. Bakelite was among the earliest forms of plastic. And it wasn’t to save cost – actually it was very progressive. The bakelite blades were quieter, created less vibration, and were more aerodynamic. We don’t have records of what drove later models to metal blades in the 1950’s – but our plastic blades relate back to those original 1940’s bakelite models.

As this awesome website states, models from 1954-1949 featured 10″ bakelite blades.

Even though plastic is passé now, it actually is a pretty cool part of the product tradition.

Personally, I love these fans and immediately wanted one — as my husband has been complaining about the need for a fan in-between air conditioning and heating season. The only reason I don’t have one yet — I can’t decide on a color — all three of them are great options to coordinate with retro decor.

Readers — what color would you choose?


  1. leslie l says:

    I purchased two VORNADO whole room circulators in the 80s for $69 each, on sale from $139 each. I have used them steadily, one at home and one at work, all these years. They are a beige plastic and a very good size. These must be second generation, since I have never seen any that were metal for sale since I shopped for, and purchased, mine.
    I used one 8-12 hrs every weekday that I worked for 15 years and it still works as good as it did the day I bought it! I consider these to be one of my smartest purchases, even though everyone in my family gave me grief for spending “a fortune” on a FAN!
    Of course, my “EXPENSIVE” fans are going strong, meanwhile, family members have had to shop and replace their $15 fans several times over the years.
    I LOVE my Vornado whole room circulators! The new metal ones look awesome and I would love to have a green one however, I would not like a smaller size. The ones I have are perfect for a 14X20′ room.
    I am in my 60s and I expect to get many more years use from these VORNADO fans.
    I will definitely buy this brand again if I outlive THEM! 😉

  2. Paul Zaloom says:

    I have had one of the green reissues for several years now; they’ve been available for a while. It’s quiet and has gotten heavy use; I love the thing. Now I’m looking for a source for box fans. We have a bunch in our house, and they are ugly ugly ugggg leee. Anyone know of any cool box fans for windows?

  3. Dave says:

    I thought Vornado sounded familiar from my childhood days so I looked it up. Vornado started in 1945 and was bought out by the Two Guys discount chain in 1959. That was the connection! Two Guys used the name Vornado on a variety of products from this point forward. When Two Guys went bankrupt in the early 1980’s, Vornado disappeared also. I think it is interesting that the “new” Vornado corporation makes no mention of their past as a discount chains private label brand.

  4. Magnarama says:

    Paul, definitely scour eBay for vintage Vornado window box fans! They are fantastic and beautiful, and they came in TWO styles — single fan and double fan. And they turn up on eBay pretty frequently, too, and almost always bring less $ at auction than the classic floor fan models. I’ve seen them go for less than $100.

    I just did a quick search and turned up 4 right now. Here’s a good one:

  5. Karin Jeffrey says:

    Love, Love love Vornados! Thank you for this story. This is indeed great news. I love all the colors, but the green is especially pretty. It’s not exactly the metallic green of the originals, but it’s pretty swell. I love that window Vornado. I wish I’d seen it before I bought our new one. More things to covet, lol.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Vornado Update! I received my two green Vornados and LOVE them! They have that nice heavy, metal heft when you lift them from the box (great packaging, too) and yet are not too clunky to carry or move. Color is a terrific neutral gray-green that goes with everything. I put them on the floor, and they really do move the air…they sound good, too. I ordered off Amazon using the link that appeared in the story. We live in a hot, steamy climate (yes, it’s still hot here!) and still use our ceiling fans and tower fans, but the rooms where we put the vornados are large and you can always use another fan in this weather! Very happy with them, highly recommend and I may purchase a few more!

  7. pam kueber says:

    Yay! Thanks for patronizing the blog via our Amazon linky, too! Every little bit helps keep the blog boat afloat!

  8. Patricia says:

    I have an original Vornado with metal blades. The fan kicks out air like you wouldn’t believe! Unfortunately, last summer, I bent over to move it while running and my robe tie got wound up. I unplugged it quickly but It hasn’t worked since. Does anyone know where I can have it repaired? Restored? live in Michigan but will send it anywhere! Thank you.

  9. Shann A. Elble says:

    Bed, Bath & Beyond had the chrome Vornado for $129.99 and I was able to use a 20% off coupon!
    Thank you for bringing our attention to this fantastically retro fan!!

  10. Richmond2000 says:

    I used to live in a flat that was behind a industrial kitchen and had 17 foot ceilings and the A/C was mounted on the long wall
    and I bought a westinghouse floor stander that is 24 inch at least and is of the same “ducted” design and the amount of air that thing pushes is incredible OOH PS it is 50’s green
    I want one of these BAD now I have seen it

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