midcentury sputnik chandelierSputnik lights are one of those classic midcentury decor items that seems to have made its way into the mainstream — which is good news because it means they keep getting easier to come by. We recently discovered another source for affordable sputniks — Brooklyn Bulb Co.. Brooklyn Bulb Co. offers the popular style in three sizes and two finishes at what seems to be a pretty affordable prices — from $135 for the small guy… to $240 for Papa Bear.

midcentury sputnik chandelierThe news release (edited) puts a sort of industrial steam punk spin on this evolution of the sputnik design:

Introducing Brooklyn Bulb Co. – Vintage Style Lighting …

midcentury sputnik chandelier

Whether you make your home in downtown Brooklyn, downtown Los Angeles or somewhere in between, you can electrify your space with the ultra-cool (and ultra-affordable!) vintage inspired lighting from the Brooklyn Bulb Co. …

midcentury sputnik chandelier

A take on a timeless fixture, these Sputnik pendants play homage to Gino Sarfatti’s classic 1954 design. Remaining a staple for the modernist movement of the time, this silhouette adds dimension and texture to any space, featuring twenty black-painted steel or chrome-plated stainless steel stems and matching canopy. Shown here with Brooklyn Bulb Co. vintage bulbs. Available in a small, medium, and large version.  Similar fixtures can be found for hundreds of dollars more elsewhere!

  • Looking for more sizes, shapes and colors of Sputnik lights? See our story about Practical Props sputnik chandeliers — which makes most of its products in-house, in California, it says. Note, we took a quick look and their baby Sputniks seem pretty comparably priced to those by Brooklyn Bulb. Shop and compare.

midcentury sputnik chandelier

I asked Aimee Majoros, PR rep for the line, for more information on the bulbs.

Aimee writes:

What is really special about the Sputnik Chandeliers that Lights.com offers I think, is the quality for the price. Sputnik lights (as I am sure you know!) are very pricy and the same style and quality can be found for hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

midcentury sputnik chandelier

Lights.com also offers Brooklyn Bulb Co. Edison-style bulbs which are super fun to use with the Sputniks – the bulb used in the above Sputnik photo is the Midwood bulb.

So if you add on the cost of these fancy bulbs — which really can make or break a fixture like this — the total cost would be $195 — offset somewhat by the fact that Lights.com offers free shipping on all orders over $150.

Where to get these sputnik lights:

Afternoon and 12/9 updates: The company clarified that these fixtures are not made in the USA; they are made in China. Also, they specify their own designs, they said — so this is not the same as the Lowe’s light (which also has a different number of arms). The story has been updated accordingly. Lights.com and Brooklyn Bulb have the same owners, we also were able to clarify.

  1. Tina says:

    What did you use to replace them? I was thinking of purchasing the same light from Lowe’s but have seen the reviews of how hot and bright the Edison bulbs are. I want to find something that goes well with the style of the chandelier but a lower watt.

  2. Myrna Ayala-Simmons says:

    HOLA! I spent over $350.00 in bulbs and lamp and cant get it mounted ;o( I need to purchase an extension due to my ceiling being to high and lamp is not long enough. I need at least 4 inch length with 1 inch width to fit in other rod.
    Can someone help me locate an extension that fits this lamp ???
    Ive tried several light stores here in Miami, homedepot and lowes and no luck……….
    Funny, I’M from Brookyln yet just figured out to send them a request regarding an extension for thier product.
    Thank you in advance
    Subject: Sputnik Chrome Hanging Pendant -Brooklyn Bulb Co. 18-Light Chrome Hanging Oval Sputnik Ceiling Pendant Light, ETL Listed


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