Ruth Richmond for Weiser acrylic doorknobs — what we’re lusting after now

Steinmetz, Joseph Janney, 1905-1985. Portrait of Sarasota architect Ruth Richmond. 19–. Black & white photoprint, 10 x 8 in. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. , accessed 7 December 2015.

The journey of discovery continues: In the apartment he decorated for a client, Ben Sander used sparkly vintage Weiser acrylic doorknobs throughout. With just a wee bit of searching, I found they were designed by Ruth Richmond — a interior designer and general contractor whose company Richmond Homes built more than 12,000 homes in Sarasota and environs from the 1950s through the 1970s.

retro mod decor
Above: Ruth Richmond-designed doorknobs, featured often in the homes she designed and decorated and apparently marketed by Weiser.

ruth-richmond-weiserruth-richmond-weiser-doorknob1970s-doorknobweiser-gold-doorknobacrylic-doorknobAnother story about an impressive midcentury designing woman — and about a product that we must. start. hoarding. collecting. now.

Thanks to Ben Sander of Ben Sander Interior Design for all the great photos, including the extras I asked for! And — he made a quick video (above) showing how the doorknob locks. He adds:

The inside knob rotates and recesses to lock the outer knob. You’ll notice that the outer knob has a small hole drilled in the center of it. That’s how you unlock it in an emergency.

When we were planning the doorknob switch, I considered these knobs from Rejuvenation.  They have the same feel, just without the golden nugget.

Where to find vintage Ruth Richmond for Weiser door knobs — both are ebay affiliate links:

  1. Sean says:

    Just closed on a house full of these knobs. We are keeping at least for now. We live in Oregon. No idea how they ended up here.

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