Mini Kate and Jim string lights on their Betsy McCall Dollhouse

retro dollhouseOur first glimpse into the daily lives of the new residents of the 1955 Betsy McCall Dollhouse was a hit — and now that mini Kate is done making mini ornament wreaths, I went back for another visit to see what the tiny twosome were up to this week. Looks like they are getting the exterior of their house ready for the holiday! 

retro dollhouseBrave mini Jim has recovered after seeing the mess Kate made inside the house, decided he is up to the task of getting up on the roof to hang Christmas lights.

retro dollhouseretro dollhouseOf course, mini Kate and little Leo are helping.

retro dollhouseretro dollhouseDespite being bundled up for the weather, mini Kate started to get cold, and little Leo was bored…

…so to get herself warmed up and alleviate her dog’s boredom, mini Kate decided to leave the light installation in the very capable hands of mini Jim and play a game of catch the snowball with little Leo instead. But…

retro dollhouse… Perhaps that was a bad idea…

retro dollhouseWith mini Jim safely on the ground again, all bets are off.

retro dollhouse“I told you to wear a hat, mini Jim!”

retro dollhouseJust in case anyone was wondering, yes — I’ve gone completely insane. I am now sewing small coats, hats, scarves and mittens — yes mittens — for the dolls. Do you know how difficult it is to sew a 1:12 scale mitten? Ridiculous.

Be sure to join us next time when we check in on the holiday festivities inside!

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  1. Myra Horn says:

    Love this continuing saga! You are so creative and imaginative and I so look forward to the next installment! Merry Christmas!

  2. Kim says:

    I saw Mini Jim’s mishap unfolding in the background, there–before he began to holler for help–and laughed so hard I scared my coworkers. God, I love every single thing about the Minis and their abode…and kudos to Jim, who seems to use a lot less profanity in hanging the Christmas lights than I did. 😀

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