west-elm-plantersI think that a West Elm catalog came to my house and that’s how I saw these planters. Oooooooh: That aqua! And that yellow! (It still seems relatively rare to find these kinds of items in color colors.) Alas, it looks like the yellow sold out in a hot minute. These are not inexpensive, but oh my goodness, they are oh so pretty! 


West Elm has so much nice looking stuff — including many more nicely designed planters.


Link: West Elm Mid-Century turned leg planters and all planters here.

  1. Brooke says:

    I have the yellow and black ones and I love them! I really love the Modernica planters but these ones have a bit more character to them with colour and pattern

  2. Debbie McClane says:

    I have a large and a small on my front porch and they fit right in with the Atomic Ranch look! LOVE these!

  3. jivesnake says:

    Nice! I bet one of us could figure out how to make a similar stand out of pointy legs and just buy a nice pot from Ikea or Home Depot to use with it. Maybe make it interchangeable somehow. Hmmm

  4. Carolyn says:

    I didn’t check the prices but can guess they are way out of my range UNTIL you think of it as an investment. If it goes with your decor which you will keep forever and considering some house plants that are slow-growing and durable, why not splurge? Or use this expensive pot to hold a cheap one and switch out plants that grow too big (trust me, that diffenbachia by the door will need re-potting in just a few short years whereas the sansivera (turquoise pot) “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” would take awhile.)
    Get your kids in shop class to make the wood stands, you’ve got enough breadboards!

  5. Jennie says:

    Or get a pot from a local potter with art fair season upon us. Whatever you buy, use it as a cachepot and put the plant in a plastic pot with drainage holes inside the larger pot. Better for the plant, better for the pot!

  6. heidimarie says:

    Sadly the yellow and turquoise have been discontinued. I was in the West Elm store in Edina MN last month to buy the Acorn sideboard (LOVE the Acorn line there!). They had a couple of yellow planters left on the floor to purchase, but the associate told me that those colors were no longer being made 🙁 It looks like the turquoise is still available in one size on the website.

  7. Rebecca Prichard says:

    Those stands are GREAT! I don’t like bigger plants on the floor because usually don’t like the stands!

  8. JKM says:

    We have the large sized dark bronze one with the copper colored horizontal bands and love it. It’s very heavy but looks great. Love West Elm!

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