Vintage blue bathroom colors from seven manufacturers from 1927 to 1962

vintage blue bathroom fixturesOur miniseries on vintage bathroom colors continues! Blue bathrooms may not be quite as prolific as their cousin pink — but there were still loads of beautiful blue vintage bathrooms installed in homes all over the country in midcentury America. Today, we take a look at some of many shades of blue that were produced from 1927-1962, along with their pretty names — like “Clair De Lune.” There are even some dark navy blues in the mix. 

American Standard Blues — Clair De Lune Blue, Royal Copenhagen Blue and Regency Blue

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom

In 1930, American-Standard offered two blues — one lighter pastel blue called ‘Clair De Lune Blue’ (above) and one darker blue ‘Royal Copenhagen Blue’ shown below. Above images: 1930 American-Standard Clair De Lune Blue bathroom fixtures from the MBJ collection/archive.org.

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom

Above images: 1930 American-Standard Royal Copenhagen Blue bathroom fixtures from the MBJ collection/archive.org.

vintage bathroom colors vintage blue bathroomBy 1950, American Standard had removed the darker Royal Copenhagen Blue color from their lineup in favor of the more popular lighter Clair De Lune Blue. Above from: 1950 American-Standard catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org showing Clair De Lune Blue bathroom fixtures.

vintage blue bathroomThe 1960s ushered in ‘Regency Blue’ which looks very similar to its early sibling ‘Clair De Lune Blue.’

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom

Three images above: 1962 American-Standard catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org showing Regency Blue fixtures.

Kohler Blue — Horizon Blue, Cerulean

A few years ago, Pam wrote about the very first year — 1927 — that Kohler offered its bathroom fixtures in colors besides white. One of these original colors was ‘Horizon Blue.’

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom

Kohler’s 1928 ‘Horizon Blue’ must have been a very pale blue/gray color because it appears to be almost white in the catalog illustration above. The exact same image and color also appears in Kohler’s 1929 catalog. Above: Horizon Blue fixtures from a 1928 Kohler catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org.

1936 Kohler bathroom colors

Above: We see Kohler’s color lineup 1936 Kohler catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org. While Horizon Blue was still offered and may have been darkened, it was not one of their four most popular colors as indicated by the larger swatch size above.

1948 Kohler colors bathroomvintage blue bathroomAbove: In this 1948 Kohler catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org, we see the whole palette for the year, which includes their new, brighter blue Cerulean showcased here with a lovely deep red and white themed bathroom. Also, note the dental sink!

vintage bathroom colors vintage blue bathroomBy 1949, Kohler had reduced its color offerings to just four: Spruce Green, Peachblow, Cerulean Blue and Tuscan. Two images above: from a 1949 Kohler catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org. 

Kohler colors 1950s vintage blue bathroom

Above images: In this 1950 Kohler catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org, Cerulean Blue is still going strong.

You can see Kohler’s complete color offerings — including all of their different blues — in this extensive color timeline found on Kohler’s website.

Crane — Lucerne Blue

vintage blue bathroomAbove: This 1940 Crane catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org shows their blue as “Lucerne Blue.” Just check out the use of color in this bathroom — purple floor, black wall, pink walls and gold towels with blue fixtures. What a bold arrangement!

Montgomery Ward — Sky Blue

vintage blue bathroom fixtures

This 1955 Montgomery Ward catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org offers fixtures in Sky Blue.

Briggs — Sky Blue

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroomThree images above of Briggs’ Sky Blue from: A 1951 Briggs Beautyware catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org show off some inventive decor ideas for a blue bathroom.

vintage blue bathroom vintage blue bathroomThe two images above show Sky Blue from the 1950s Briggs Beautyware catalog from the MBJ collection/archive.org. Check out that low profile blue toilet.

Eljer — Midnight Blue and Twilight Blue

vintage bathroom colorsPam spotted this 1939 Eljer catalog in the MBJ Collection on archive.org that shows their color offerings, which include a dark blue called ‘Midnight Blue’ and a lighter pastel ‘Twilight Blue.’

Alliance Ware — Bluealliance ware vintage bathroom fixtures

Pam found this ad for Alliance Ware porcelain enameled bathroom fixtures that includes a pastel blue in a 1950s Small Homes Guide.

Reader’s blue bathrooms

vintage bathroomAbove: We just love Kristen and Paul’s aqua blue 1940s bathroom with black and white accents.


Above: Nanette and Jim built a lovely blue and white bathroom from scratch in their basement.


vintage-blue-retro-bathroomTwo images above: This 1950s time capsule house had seven vintage bathrooms — two of which are blue.

vintage-blue-wall-sinkAbove: The Comer House in Gallatin, Tenn. has a lovely blue and white vintage bathroom.

alices-blue-bathroom-vintageAbove: Alice’s 1950s blue bathroom has a fun mosaic floor tile pattern that we figured out how to replicate.

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  1. deb says:

    I have gotten Standard’s bathroom fixture in Royal Copenhagen blue. I’m trying to figure out a color code to purchase a toilet seat. I can’t find anything in the literature.

    Please, help. Thanks.

    1. sandra localio says:

      I have a blue toilet it was put in 1960
      the handle and inside mechanism needs to be replace
      do you have any idea where I can buy this part or parts
      so it will flush

  2. Mary hood says:

    We are getting ready to gut a bathroom we still have the original toilet in like a teal blue and the tub any idea on how much we could get for them or should we just trash them?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Mary, places like craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are places you could list them (and check for pricing in your area.) Be sure to Renovate Safe!

  3. Sami says:

    My 1938 bathroom is tiled in Pink/Orchid and has Midnight or Navy Blue American Standard Toilet and tub. I had to replace the sink. I have to retile the floor and they will hopefully not break the toilet when they remove it. In case they do I need to know if there is any resource where I could find one.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Sami, I don’t know of anyone making this color new today. I think you would have to find one vintage or New Old Stock.

      1. Tammy Poole says:

        Is it possible to be part of those who have sets to sell? Ours appears to be the ’49-’50 Kohler Cerulean. We have all 3 pieces in perfect condition and are curious if we could find someone truly interested in good, time-past, bathroom “furniture”. Your reply will be helpful.

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          Hi Tammy, put them on craigslist. No buying/selling in the comment threads on the blog, or it becomes chaos.

  4. JH says:

    We love our 1949 blue bathroom! American Standard blue toilet, sink and the “net-angle” tub — all installed in blue terrazzo that goes 1/2 way up the walls! (If the fixtures ever get damaged we are TOAST). The shower is terrazzo too, but the base is grayish white instead of blue with the same assortment of marble chips. So very groovy.

  5. Jessica says:

    Our house was built in 1950 and we bought it with the original bathroom fixtures which are American Standard and must be the Claire de Lune. They are blue but have the slightest green tint to them (I always thought it was due to the age of them). After changing the guts in our toilet several times, we ended up having to replace it (We had already been forced to put a white lid on the seat). Then we ended up needing to take the sink out (complete with legs). So now we have a white toilet and vanity/sink but a blue cast iron tub in the Princess style. The bathroom floor is tiny tiles in a mix of blue colors. The walls are paneling (painted) with white subway tile 1/2 way up around the sink and almost to the ceiling around the bath tub. Don’t worry, we didn’t trash the blue sink & toilet. They are stored in an old one bedroom house behind our house.

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