George Nelson Bubble LampsFresh off our recent post — 10 midcentury finds we love from Design Within Reach — where we professed our love for Nelson Bubble Lamps, Reader Brooke tipped us that Modernica currently has 16 styles of Nelson Bubble Lamps on clearance through their website.

Modernica explained the big sale: ““The Bubble Lamps will have a new home with Herman Miller as of Sept 1st, so we’re saying “goodbuy” with deep discounts on open-box and floor models!”” they told me.

While these are still not inexpensive, if you’ve had your eye on one of these lights, this sale could save you anywhere from $90-$400 depending on which one you choose.

An extra 15% discount code for our readers:

I saw that there was an additional discount code available via another blog. So I asked Modernica if Retro Renovation readers could have one too. The company was happy to oblige:

We can offer a 15% off code to you as well, of course.  The code is “EXTRA15” in all caps and it only applies to the Bubble Lamps in our clearance section:

UPDATE: Two readers had trouble with the code. Modernica quick-as-a-flasy responded to my query:

Hi Pam, We have tested this code on several computers and cannot find a problem with it.  I’m not sure what the problem could be!  We’ve changed it so that the code is NOT case sensitive, so maybe suggest to these 2 customers to try entering the code again, in upper or lower case, and press enter. If it doesn’t work, then I guess they would have to put in their order directly with our customer service department:

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Brooke, for this tip — and thanks, Modernica, for the additional discount! NOTE: We (that is, are not getting paid to write this story… nor do we get a spiff if you buy anything. We’re just passing along the sale info….)

A look at the bubblicious loveliness:

george nelson bubble lampSaucer Pendant — Smallgeorge nelson bubble lampBall Pendants — Small and Mediumgeorge nelson bubble lampBall Crisscross Pendant — Small george nelson bubble lampFour sizes of Cigar Pendants — Small, Medium, Large and Extra Largegeorge nelson bubble lampThree sizes of Cigar Lamps with Tripod — Small, Medium and Largegeorge nelson bubble lampPear Pendant — Smallgeorge nelson bubble lampPear Crisscross Pendant — Smallgeorge nelson bubble lampTwo sizes of Pear Lights with Tripods — Small and Mediumgeorge nelson bubble lampAnd the Bell Pendant in Extra Large

  1. Brian says:

    I finally got the code to work. I had to add to the cart, but not sign in. The first time I tried I was signed in to my account and the code would not work. I tried a different computer and I wasn’t signed into my account and the code worked. But the minute I signed in the discount went away. So I logged out added to the cart, applied discount and checked out without signing in. It then worked

  2. Amanda Sparks says:

    Code worked for me too. I’ve been waiting for these to go on sale. Yay! Also, if you search for “extra” you will find extra cord you can order if you have extra tall ceilings like we do. You will need to order the total amount of feet that you need so it comes in one long piece. Its $2/foot.

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