From the first sale. I was delirious.

I am heading out to an estate sale this morning. It’s Wave #2 of the estate sale where I scored a gazillion vintage Christmas ornaments and bottle brush trees (above). It was EPIC. I got there at 5:45 a.m. to sign the list to get in. I was number #12 — or maybe #8? — and made a mad dash for the vintage Christmas ornaments. SCORE!

This is an estate sale of a couple who ran estate sales <<– STOP! Think about that! Wave #2 includes all the stuff taken out of their storage facilities. I’m not sure there will be as much for me at this second sale, based on what I see in the photos online. But hey, it’s all about the hunt. I am getting up early again. Why do I run my own business and work from home if not to get up at 4:30 a.m. to go wait in line at an estate sale when it’s 20 degrees out. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I invite you to:

  1. PAUL says:

    Did you ever go to an Estate Sale and get so “blinded” by the love and excitement of a terrific item only to come home and discover your treasure was broke, chipped or damaged? Or, later realize there is a vital obsolete component or piece missing? It has happened to me so many times that I now take a few minutes to “calm down” from the Estate Sale “rush” and give it a more thorough look. For glass or ceramic items, I gently run my hand over an item for any obsolete small chips or damage. This is a simple tip has really helped me avoid bringing home damaged items that I would have resisted had I noticed the flaw before purchasing. HAPPY HUNTING !

  2. Nina462 says:

    I, too, go to Estate Sales. I get fabric to make quilts for the missions (so it has to be good fabric), but I also furniture and kitchen stuff for myself. I’ve purchased a vintage bedroom set (bed, dresser) for my spare bedroom; a 1965 Motorola TV console (which I converted to hold my newer tv); a Hi Fi record/radio console for my knotty pine bar (my Hi Fi…is the same one in your doll house – with the louvered doors). I must have 3 or 4 sets of cocktail glasses in their carrying case…Argh!
    I try to keep my collections to a minimum –

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