Recessed electric clock receptacles — new old stock AND modern-new from Leviton and Pass & Seymour

One of my favorite features in time capsule houses is the old clocks centered above the sink or above the dinette. Where I live, it’s not uncommon to see these old clocks plugged into a recessed wall plug — no visible or dangling electric cords. How did they do that: With recessed “electric clock receptacles” framed right into the soffits or walls.

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I was checking to see what old was new at warehouse full o’ New Old Stock hardware seller nomoredrama4me — whose warehouse full o’ wonders we have featured several times before — and I see that she has a few of these >> New Old Stock Electric Clock Receptacles for sale. Please be aware: I have no idea whether these oldies are still to code — get with your own properly licensed professional to determine potential safety/code issues if in fact you are interested in installing one of these.  Be Safe/Renovate Safe!

Immediate update: Howdy hudee: Allen says these are still made — and with three-prong — cool!:

and there’s another brand, Pass & Seymour here, too. Thanks, Allen! 

Oh, and nomoredrama4me looks like she has some other new New Old Stock up since the last time I checked, too. I am guessing it’s going to take a while longer list all the its and bits in that warehouse.

  1. Jean Gough says:

    I have one of these in my kitchen, although I haven’t used it in all this time. My house have original copper accents (doorknobs, kitchen pulls and such) and I scored a copper kitchen clock whIch I need to refurbish. It will go on that wall along with my collection of copper molds, some where my mother’s and some are newer finds.

  2. Amy Kuhlers says:

    I’ve recently moved into a 1960s house that has a recessed outlet over the kitchen sink. Where can I find a clock??

  3. roger says:

    we need a wall recesed mount for a clock.. it is from the 1950 and it plugs into a ROUND mount and then into the plug in… The round mount holds the clock onto the wall

  4. Pam Kueber says:

    I don’t know the answer to this. So many varieties of products made back in the day!

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