Recessed electric clock receptacles — new old stock AND modern-new from Leviton and Pass & Seymour

One of my favorite features in time capsule houses is the old clocks centered above the sink or above the dinette. Where I live, it’s not uncommon to see these old clocks plugged into a recessed wall plug — no visible or dangling electric cords. How did they do that: With recessed “electric clock receptacles” framed right into the soffits or walls.

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I was checking to see what old was new at warehouse full o’ New Old Stock hardware seller nomoredrama4me — whose warehouse full o’ wonders we have featured several times before — and I see that she has a few of these >> New Old Stock Electric Clock Receptacles for sale. Please be aware: I have no idea whether these oldies are still to code — get with your own properly licensed professional to determine potential safety/code issues if in fact you are interested in installing one of these.  Be Safe/Renovate Safe!

Immediate update: Howdy hudee: Allen says these are still made — and with three-prong — cool!:

and there’s another brand, Pass & Seymour here, too. Thanks, Allen! 

Oh, and nomoredrama4me looks like she has some other new New Old Stock up since the last time I checked, too. I am guessing it’s going to take a while longer list all the its and bits in that warehouse.

  1. Penne says:

    I have an apple-shaped clock that has a long cord for if you don’t have one of these outlets, but there is a compartment that the cord can be tucked into if you do have one. My new (1965) house has one of these outlets in the soffit above the kitchen sink. When my sister noticed it, she found a 60s kitchen clock for me that matched my décor. I love it, but having a hard time hiding the cord with this one. I could shorten it, but hate to lose the versatility. My Dad helped to build homes in the late 50s and early 60s. He says nearly all houses had this type of outlet in the soffit above the kitchen sink.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    When we moved into our 1959 ranch, my DH was repairing and replacing all the old outlets, and I caught him just as he was taking out the recessed clock outlet in the kitchen. It was perfectly located where you could see the clock from the kitchen sink, stove, and table. “No, no,” I said. “I will find a vintage clock for that spot some day. So he just repaired the outlet and let me hang a battery clock over it. Two years later (we retro-renovators have the patience of Job), I found a school-style clock (United Clock Corp., Brooklyn, NY) on the sale rack of my favorite consignment shop. Originally $50, it had been marked down to $3.75. Oh, and it was 50% off day, so I got it for $1.88 plus tax. All I had to do was touch up the wood with a little scratch cover, clean it, and hang it up. Here’s an almost identical one from eBay:

  3. Amber Dawn says:

    I feel like my kitchen (1948, remodeled in the 60’s) needs a clock over the sink, but it doesn’t have one. The wiring for the fluorescent lighting and the oven hood runs through the overhead cabinets.

    We DO have this original kitchen clock, though. It’s built into the wall and would be difficult to get rid of if I wasn’t so fond of its continued effort. https://flic.kr/p/QRp2LW I think it was the thermostat for the original coal-fired furnace because it doesn’t control the temperature any longer. We thought it was broken for a while, but every time I was in the dining room I could hear this quiet electrical humming- it was the clock. I’m keeping it. I’d LOVE to have it wired to the furnace because the old round honeywell dial is starting not to work as well and I don’t want a digital one but I’m probably going to have to give in and get one to be more cost-effective. This clock-o-stat is not even in the same room as the honeywell thermostat.

  4. Wendellyn Plummer says:

    Hi, I also found one in our kitchen and realized what it was!! My husband gave that “I have no idea, look.” So I told him and he said NO,way. I love the little finds in our 1965 Tri-level. As, I look for a retro clock, I have a mint green battery operated kitchen in its place. the hook is so innovative.

  5. Jean Gough says:

    I have one of these in my kitchen, although I haven’t used it in all this time. My house have original copper accents (doorknobs, kitchen pulls and such) and I scored a copper kitchen clock whIch I need to refurbish. It will go on that wall along with my collection of copper molds, some where my mother’s and some are newer finds.

  6. roger says:

    we need a wall recesed mount for a clock.. it is from the 1950 and it plugs into a ROUND mount and then into the plug in… The round mount holds the clock onto the wall

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