Old-fashioned corrugated fiberglass panels for roofing for porches, awnings, sheds, greenhouses — and more

Yesterday’s story about my $14-worth-$3,000 fiberglass tubing *score* led me to this resource: Where to find those old-fashioned green, wavy plastic panels that Grandpa used for the roof on his back porch? I still see them on porches at estate sale houses, and I always think they are so homey — affordable, functional, and appropriate — and I love that green color! You can use these as panels in all sorts of applications — how about the green for the walls of an outdoor shower?

Sources that seem to offer old-fashioned fiberglass-reinforced corrugated panels — get samples! ask questions! this story is just a ‘scan’ I have not seen samples or contacted the companies for more info — in various colors and specifications:

  1. DENNIS POPP says:

    So I had one on my house and have started to take it down. Need to know about what to look for when removing from the house.

  2. Kim says:

    May 2019 and still in search of replacement green style. The new versions I’ve seen are opaque and not the beautiful old style. Has anyone had any luck? Fingers crossed!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      hmmmm….. did you check the sources in my story? I just looked at the first set and they look pretty darned old fashioned…

      1. Kim says:

        Thanks for keeping a lookout. I believe they are fiberglass because you can literally see the fibers in the vintage pieces, whether they are green or clear (which is not actually clear, but you know what I mean – milky.) There used to be some architectural salvage places near me but they’re gone now, and I had been checking with them, too. Frustrating!

        1. Silvana says:

          I tried all the salvage places where I live plus all the hardware stores. Even called into the US (I’m from Canada) and how is it that no ones makes them??? I’m looking for the semi clear ones.

          1. Bernadette says:

            I just purchased some opaque ones (12′ x 2′) at Hibbert Lumber in Davis, CA. The store is going out of business – you might be able to call and ask for their supplier.

            1. Kim says:

              Bernadette -Thanks for the tip! I called them and they have 6 sheets left. And I can’t get there in time from Santa Cruz (with a car larger than me Prius- ha!) I really appreciate having all of these eyeballs looking out for hard-to-find stuff. The hunt continues!

              1. Demian Martin says:

                Larsen’s Lumber in San Leandro (not too far from Santa Cruz) stocks them in clear and green and the special wavy pieces to enable mounting them. I built a Pergola with them 3 years ago. It has worked out well.

                1. Kim says:

                  Demian – thanks! Are they the old style (semi opaque with visible fibers) or the newfangled ones? I’ll give them a call. I may head that direction for a car show – two birds one stone. ??

  3. denise francois says:

    I just bought a house with this kind of patio and I want to paint it or something. I agree with the u*** [edited] statement. Any remodeling ideas for this without replacing it?

  4. Karsten Young says:

    Anyone know where i can find a red version. I had a recent hail storm put holes in my porch awning. Been there 50 years and all i can find is clear opaque and green.

    The red is certainly harder to find if anyone knows of an outlet for fiberglass red.

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