Elizabeth adds a fabric awning

patio from under magnoliaElizabeth added a retractable fabric awning to the back of her house about a month ago. She wrote me: “What a difference it will make in my use of the backyard…. Why did I wait so long to do this?? That is the big question.” Thank you, Elizabeth, the awnings — and the garden, especially — look so beautiful, so inviting.


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  1. sumac sue says

    The awning looks great. I have got to research this as a possibility for our front door and porch, which get hit hard with afternoon sun.

  2. pepper says

    We had dinner and elizabeth’s the other night and then sat outside under the awning. Enclosed by the awning and her wonderful garden it was so cozy. A wonderful investment!

  3. Elizabeth Mary says

    Thanks everyone,

    Sumac Sue — good luck on your researching. My awning is by Eastern and was ordered through an awning business that has been in my town for over 40 years. I went for the remote control to give myself more flexibility and peace of mind. That is, if a big storm comes along I won’t have to go outside to close the awning.

    Pepper — glad you approve, and I am happy to see you here. You may find some useful tips for you upcoming kitchen renovation in these “pages.”

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