Amazing pink and blue 1953 bathroom

My Favorite Room

Every pink bathroom that I see becomes my new favorite, but this one takes the cake. This is all original. Flickr friend froggyboggler owns it and here is what she has to say:

When I first saw my house, I walked in the door about 4 feet, looked around and said, “I don’t know where I am, but this is IT!” Then I walked down the hall and came into the bathroom. That was the clincher! … Everything is original…the house was built (and designed) by Ed & Ella Baugh in 1953. He ran a filling station and she was a school teacher. They did all this crazy woodwork, concrete work and metalwork, too. Every beam & trim in the place is scalloped! … Perfect!

Thank you so much, froggyboggler, for letting me share this.  Readers: You can see more of her wonderful photos here. Other bloggers: Please play nice and ask froggyb. first for permission if you want to use this photo.


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  1. MrsErinD says

    Oh MY that is the most dreamy bathroom ever!!!!!

    The pink and blue is awesome and the scallops and my fave the diamond metal screen thingys are the best!

    Sigh I just love it. :O) Cute decor too, Great job Froggy!

  2. Froggyboggler says

    Thanks, Pam, for showing off my bathroom to the world! You have a great blog here. And thank you all for your nice comments….(Hi, Eartha!)

  3. Shane says

    Sha-Zam! The scallops are beautiful! I’m building a wood box to cover the top of my drapes and the scallops make it fit right in with the early 50s! Congrats!

  4. says

    Froggyboggler, as I scrolled down, and saw this photo here on Retro Renovation I immediately knew this was yours! Im so in love with not just your bathroom but your entire house! Someday I hope I can visit it in person!

  5. Fiona - Notorious Kitsch says

    wow that is some bathroom! Really truly one of the best I’ve seen. Thanks Pam for featuring it.

  6. Karen says

    I have a pink and blue bathroom, but everything ( tub, tiled walls, tiled vanity top, sink, tile floor) has been painted white. The paint is coming off in huge spots on the tub and little parts in other places. How can I get the paint off the pink tiles? I have tried goof-off 2, nail polish remover, and goof off regular. These products soften the surface barely but still don’t remove the paint. I have tried scarping with a hard plastic scraper and that only works in places where it its chipped and that’s it. I don’t want to damage the tiles. Please help, if I can’t get the paint off I will have to remove the tiles completely.

    • pam kueber says

      Karen, this is not a DIY site. I would recommend you consult a professional. And please be aware of the potential for lead paint — get informed on this issue, consult a pro, and take the appropriate safety and environmental precautions.

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