Sterling ‘Starscape’ — a fun retro shower door for a midcentury bathroom

starburst-shower-doorProps to reader Jennifer, who spotted this starburst strewn shower door  — called ‘Starscape’ by Sterling Plumbing (Amazon affiliate link) — while cruising the bathroom isle of Menards. The ‘Starscape’ shower door would be a delightful and stylish way to contain your bath time splashes in either a vintage pastel or midcentury modern bathroom, don’t you think? 

retro-starburst-shower-doorSterling Plumbing is owned by the Kohler company. It’s nice to see Sterling/Kohler pick up on the retro atomic vibe with this shower glass pattern. However, Retro Renovators, can we encourage you to encase the glass in either a shiny- or satin chrome enclosure (see the last photo), rather than black… 

sterling-starburst-shower-doorstarburst-shower-door-retroWe love the way the starburst pattern starts out strong at the top of the shower door and fades to a polka-dot-like pattern, which keeps the pattern from becoming too overwhelming in the often small space of a bathroom. Very nicely done.

Thanks to Lexi from the PR team at Kohler for sending us these great images of the starscape shower door, you rock!

  1. Kkmk says:

    Love this! The privacy added by the Escher-esque pattern is a nice bonus. Now I just need a retro house in which to install it.

  2. Kris says:

    We installed this door in our bathroom in November and it looks sharp. It’s a great way to incorporate some starburst design into a retro remodel too.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I usually prefer shower curtains to doors, but this is fantastic. It looks really good with the hexagonal tile. And I agree–the chrome trim works better than the black.

  4. chynnal says:

    Am I just being brainless? I can’t find the shower doors? Can someone post the site. I went to Sterling Plumbing and couldn’t find them.

    Thank You,

    1. pam kueber says:

      I went to the shower door page… then typed starscape into the search box…. took me here, let’s see if this link works for you: http://search.sterlingplumbing.com/?q=starscape&x=0&y=0 … then you need to click a door and scroll to find the metal/glass combo you want

      finally, i tend to assume you can get a better price by going to Home Depot or a shower supplier. Sterling shows what I presume is the MSRP – individual retailers may charge less…

  5. Cindy Friday says:

    Wonder if it’s available in a wraparound on top of a tub. I would like to replace my crudded up chickenwire style surround. This would be a great idea, and might allow me to save the tub.

  6. Nick DeCarlis says:

    I learned about the Starscape shower door from this page, and purchased one for my current bath upgrade (I got mine on amazon.com). The original wall tiles are alternating pink and white horizontal stripes — while not the worst original colors, pink is far from my first choice — but I made a decision to keep what I could and upgrade what I had to. These shower doors effectively obscure much of the pink, while adding a really cool space-age touch to my 1958 bathroom. While a bit off-topic, I also elected to keep the pink American Standard toilet — but converted it to a dual-push-button flush system that uses far less water and works great.

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