That 70s house: A Palm Springs time capsule

70s-bedroomI started out, all about the 50s. It wasn’t long before I totally adored the 60s. And now, I will do my best to suck you into the Best of the 70s vortex, right along with me. Despite the fact that I came of age — with all the associated horrors — during the 70s, I have to say that much of the design now appeals to me. Immensely. Today: A Palm Springs time capsule spotted by reader Frank. This first bedroom: Awesome.


This Palm Springs time capsule has the most wonderful decor. I especially love the three bedrooms shown on the listing. This  master bedroom has PERFECT feng shui.


The guest room bedroom: Totally typical tropical decor. My husband’s nana in Florida had a Pier I-style bedroom set just like this. I LOVE the quilted bedspreads, both the style and the fabric. Quilting — with piping around the edges, look close — is de rigueur all the way into the late 80s, I’d say. (This style of bedspread is not easy to find today, though… I need to hunt.) And look: The drapes are in the same fabric. Oh and I love the wallpaper, too. This is a fabulous bedroom. I know that I do not feature bedrooms enough on the blog – and will keep working at it.

A big thanks to Frank for spotting the time capsule and the real estate agent’s website.

And, thanks to real estate agent Miles Kuhn for giving me permission to feature these photos. See the entire listing here (oh well: gone now) — it’s worth it, I promise.


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  1. says

    That is a fabulous home but I’m so sad thinking that the new owner will most likely update it.

    The time capsules are my absolute favorite feature on your website..

  2. Elizabeth Mary says

    I am now officially a 70’s person too. This house and the surrounding land are amazing. The only problem I can see is that I would not want to have to furnish it as I would never be able to match the perfectness of what these owners have done.

  3. MidCent Keith says

    Certainly well designed rooms, thanks for sharing Pam and Frank – I’m working on my bedroom furnishings now – quite a challenge as it turns out. My biggest design inspiration comes from the years 1965 through 1975 – seems to be a fun, if all too often, over-the-top period for interior design – give me avocado, orange, and chocolate brown please

  4. Shane says

    I like any type of time capsule anything whether its a house or old car. Its only original once. Whether it appeals to you or not that’s the way that room was in what? 1975 when I was 6! Lol in the old car world we call these Benchmarks that all other restorations are judged by! Koolsville!

  5. nina462 says

    Notice the pink bedroom has a step? My old 1973 townhouse had the step up bed area too, and a ‘sunken’ living room. I did find some original horrors (playroom carpet for the kitchen?).

  6. Mick says

    Just looking at the first bedroom make me think of the first few lines of “Charlies Angels” 🙂 ahhh 70’s bliss

  7. Genjenn says

    Two quick thoughts:

    1) How ’bout we pool our money, buy the house and make it a retrorenovation time capsule time share?

    2) Was I the only one expecting to see Tatoo and Mr. Rourke in one of the pics?

  8. Jonathan says

    At last, you’ve finally realized that the 1950s, the 1960s, and the 1970s go together! I’ve always admired the colours that were used during these three decades. I however unfortunately cannot say the same thing about the 1980s or the 1990s.

  9. says

    I would sooo be in the timeshare if I had any money! The Roman tub overlooking the private garden alone would sell me on it!

    Anyone see Boogie Nights? There are certain elements here that remind me of some of the party scenes 🙂

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