1,000 Save The Pink Bathrooms photos


Berry of My Life In Sequins contributed the 1,000th photo to our flickr Save The Pink Bathrooms pool. She titled one of her photo, “new apartment.” I asked her for the story and she wrote:

Hi Pam! My apartment building was built in the 50’s and everything has been kept exactly like it was back then. They have 3 different bathroom tile colors — pink, blue and seafoam green. When I found out I was getting a pink bathroom I was pretty excited. It’s so silly that it puts a smile on my face every time I walk in! Taking pictures in there makes me giggle, so the pictures tend out to be upbeat and catch me at my girliest. – Berry

Berry’s blog says that she loves Ikea, zombies, and music. I am getting her address so that I can send her a little prize for her 1,000th photo in the pool. Hmmm, what shall I find in my humongous stash o’ retro for her? Stay tuned. Thank you, Berry!


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  1. Michelle Velazquez says

    Darn it! She beat me to it! I was going to send in my pictures next week… I COULD HAVE BEEN #1000!!! Lol! I guess I’ll have to procrastinate less next time! (pictures to follow soon)

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