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  1. Alison says

    It’s my fault for the typo, I’m afraid. I live in Seattle but I’m affiliated with a university in Los Angeles. 🙂

    Any way you look at it — the bathroom set is an awesome find!

  2. Palm Springs Stephan says

    It’s European, obviously, but it is also PINK! And newly made !(That tub is clearly not vintage … the hardware is recent design.) So take heart, Preservationists of Pink Potties everywhere, the pink bathroom is making a geuine comeback!

  3. says

    This set is from the 70. The builder is Luigi Colani, the producer is Villeroy und Boch (V+B). The color was called “magnolia” (like the flower) and the series called “Colani”. It was build to the earlierst 80.

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