15+ companies that sell decorative concrete screen blocks – comprehensive list

Where to find decorative concrete blocks – also known as architectural screen blocks? This question is coming up a lot, and I would like to build the definitive list right here. I tend to believe that you need to buy this stuff locally or regionally — or the shipping costs will kill you. Many thanks to Scathing Jane for researching this list, and to JHL III who sent me the question (and one repeat find) prompting me to finally feature Jane’s list. Do you know of a supplier in your area? Send me an email or leave a comment below, and I will add it to this list. Alphabetically, here’s what we have so far: .



  • Phoenix & more: Superlite – had concrete block when we first did this list in 2010, now we are having a hard time finding them on their website…


  • ABC-Central Block and Brick – Russel in Comments says: “Interestingly enough, their website doesn’t show any of the shaped ones they make, but driving by they have pallet after pallet of all shapes and styles.”



  • Littleton & Pueblo: Boral Best Block used to be on this list, but we now get a broken link…
  • Dacono: St. Vrain



  • Consumer’s Concrete — had screen block when this story was originally written, not sure any more…


North Carolina

  • Ted in Comments says Cemex in Ashville says they can supply it in limited styles; but it is not shown on their website.


  • Philadelphia area, three locations: Fizzano Brothers. Frannie’s tip in Comments: “I just went down and picked some up for a project I’m doing in Brooklyn.
    They cost between $1.20 and $3.50 each, they have two styles, and weigh about 26 pounds each. They also told me that they have a retail distributor for them in Northern New Jersey. I’m sure if you called them they could give you the info. http://fizzano.com/Masonry/Specs/viewlite.pdf “

Puerto Rico, via Carlos:

  • -Fabrica de balaustres Nelson Noriega, 787-366-4115
    -Artesania Sinai, 787-243-3079
    -Empresas Ferhanni, 787-251-4430 http://www.empresasferhanni.com These might also produce blocks:
    – Balaustres Alfonso 787-263-3122
    – Junior’s Balaustres 787-616-2073
    – Fabrica de Balaustres Ornamentales 787-823-3150

Rhode Island:

  • Cranston: Park Ave Cement Block

South Carolina:

  • Dotty in Comments poitns to Augusta Concrete Block in North Augusta; website inconclusive but this one sounds promising.


Search the U.S. some more:


The Barbados:

  • Claytone Products

Slide show of patterned concrete block styles available from various suppliers. Click on first thumbnail to start the show, then click on the arrow below the image to move forward or back:

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  1. says

    fantastic! an australian supplier! i have been admiring these bricks around our neighborhood (largely built up during the early 60s) and i was thinking i’d have to scavenge around a salvage yard to find my own!

    ps: REALLY love this blog! one of my new faves :)

  2. Shane says

    There’s a place right her in Columbus, Oh called Oberfelds that still makes it too! MAybe it’s Oberfields, now I’m confused…

  3. says

    I love these blocks for a screening wall. I wanted to replace our hundreds of feet of chain link with them, but they’re too expensive for that much linear footage. Maybe we can figure out a creative way to incorporate them into our patio re-design. I’ll need to see if they’re carried somewhere in Oregon.

    • Patrice says

      Hi Jane, Why don’t you try just doing one low wall on your patio? I think that would look great! We had one in the house I grew up in, just one wall of the patio and it looked fine

  4. Annie B. says

    Thank you for featuring these on the blog. Concrete screen blocks have been a long time Holy Grail for me. I’ve searched the state of NC for a supplier, but have come up dry. Any help in finding a source here in eastern North Carolina would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Annie: I’ve likewise been searching in NC…….only source I can find is Cemex (Asheville plant only); opposite end of state from you! Waiting for info on exact styles they carry (very limited I’m told). Will dig around in VA and SC too. Really, am thinking best route is to select from one of Pam’s better listings, which carries a lot of variety to choose from, in nearest state where the stuff is still somewhat popular (e.g. Florida), then inquire about shipping.

      Also, keep in mind the ways other more-available masonry can be creatively used too, for that Mid-Century, or Mid-Century Modern, look…..for example, standard clay bricks (4″ x 8″ x 2-2/3″); notice how they were often lined up straight (“stacked bond”) vs. the more familiar way (“running bond”) in fireplaces etc. Same goes for CMUs (8″ x 8″ x 16″ Concrete Masonry Units). Both of course can be painted any color you like to be more seamless with the architecture. Look around & you’ll start to notice infinite ways architects have put masonry together (for all historic periods & styles, not just Mid-Century): bricks/blocks pulled out a little here, recessed a little here, left out to create a void there, to give all sorts of patterns and texture and degrees of ‘transparency’ to the walls. After all, that was the whole idea with MCM! — making high design with standard off-the-shelf materials.

      • Annie B. says


        Thank you thank you thank you. Wonderful ideas! I almost hate to admit this, but I’ve been keeping an eye on a concrete block fence which is in a terrible state of repair on a rental house not far from my home. If the owners decide to remove it, I want to be there with my wheelbarrow!

      • Scott O says

        The blocks used in the El Rancho Vista Estates are not the “screen block” but rather refered to as “shadow block”. Reall great solid blocks with a “v” ridge or double “v” and others. There is a place in Riverside Ca. that will still make this block in various patterns used in this Wexler neighborhood. They don’t keep ‘em in stock but will get out their old molds and make them as of about 2 years ago when I inquired. A $400 or so tooling fee before they’ll start making them.

        • Jim A says

          I have a house in El Rancho Vista in Palm Springs that I am renovating and I’m trying to find matching diamond block to use on a new wall. Do you know the name of that company in Riverside? Thanks!

        • Michael Mahon says


          I also live in Palm Springs, and am looking for a source for decorative screen block to match the early-1960s block used at our development.

          If you can provide a pointer to that Riverside supplier, I’d be most grateful.


          • Michael Mahon says

            I have an update that many of you may find useful.

            A local contractor (in Palm Springs, but you no doubt have similar folks wherever you are) offered to make a form for casting our decorative screen blocks for $350. The form will allow eight blocks to be cast at one time. The run rate per block is $1.87, so we won’t have to make more than several dozen blocks to get a very reasonable amortized per-block price. The contractor is also willing to stockpile the completed blocks at his facility until they are needed!

            For many of you who are contemplating adding a wall or making an extensive repair, this course may be just the thing.

            He will be using some of our existing blocks for patterns for the form, but will provide channels on the sides (hidden from front and back) to accomodate rebar reinforcing rods, as required by current codes.

            Check into this possibility. You may find that you can have exactly what you need fabricated at very reasonable cost.


            • John H says

              Hi Michael,

              I am also interested to “partnering up” to run some block, What design are you interested in? I have a 2nd home near you and it might make this feasible for both of us.


            • John H says

              Hi Mike,

              Are you still interested in making some blocks?, If not, can you supply the name of the person that is willing to make them?



              • Michael Mahon says


                Sorry I missed your earlier post.

                Our HOA has gone with another supplier–a maker of decorative concrete castings, for whom decorative blocks are easy.

                He is charging $750 for a “16-up” mold, and $2.75 per block. Higher than our earlier quote, but he can do the job. ;-)

                I can email you a photo of our block design–there’s always a chance that it’s the same as yours. If not, I think he would be receptive to making other molds for runs of 250 or more blocks.


                  • Mary S says

                    I’m going to have a go at making some blocks to my own design, using timber for the mould and polythene for the release agent.

                    Do you know the details of what kind of mix I should use? I.e. proportion of cement to sand (people tell me 3 to 1), what kind of cement, and what kind of sand?

                    Many thanks for any help with this!

            • Erica A says

              Hi Michael,
              Would you be willing to provide me with the information for the contractor in Palm Springs? I live in Washington State and am remodeling my mid-century modern home and can’t find these block anywhere. Would love to just go ahead and cast my own. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
              Thank you so much!!

              • Michael says

                Erica, bad news. ;-(

                The supplier we were planning to use has gone out of business–the recession and consequent construction slump was too deep and too long for him.

                We’re now looking again for a supplier…

      • Dave says

        Carolina PreStress does not make screen blocks anymore. I just got some double y’s delivered. I ordered from A-1 in Orlando, arranged an LTL carrier to pick them up and deliver to a local Ace Hardware since I don’t have a forklift at my house.

        A pallet of 198 blocks was around $940 with tax, LTL to Wilson, NC was $470 and yes my wallet still hurts but at least my new courses of wall will match the lower section. I had Ace deliver for a ‘tip” and a beer for the driver.

        There was no other way to do it where I live.

        It wasn’t that hard to arrange, but it came with a cost.



    • Rick Mosher says

      My daughter, wife and son-in-law have a house being renovated in Ponce. I mentioned decorative concrete blocks a few days ago to them as they will be rebuilding a fence and a short wall lining a walkway.
      These would add a nice touch to the project.
      Any help you can give to fininding local vendors would be great.

    • Karen says

      Wow! Thank you for taking the time to compile those photos. Is there any way you could make these PinIt able? Maybe if they are on some Pin sites, we can create more interest or find some sources. Again, thank you!

  5. Thomas says

    There is one in Arkansas right here in the town where I live. Produces almost every kind of midcentury style you have shown. If I weren’t moving soon I would be replacing the entire wooden privacy fence around my back yard with one made of these.
    ABC-Central Block
    3007 South Arkansas Avenue
    Russellville, AR 72802-7372
    (479) 968-5660

    • Thomas says

      Interestingly enough, their website doesn’t show any of the shaped ones they make, but driving by they have pallet after pallet of all shapes and styles. Maybe it’s not their bread and butter product lines like all the “Mcmansion” style bricks and pavers they have on their site.

  6. TappanTrailerTami says

    While there probably is no substitute for authentic mid century styled concrete blocks, I did find quite a cool selection of vinyl lattice screen panels on the Home Depot website, with some great patterns that lend well to MCM styling, including Asian motif patterns.

    Check out the page here, the decorative panels are at the bottom and also click “next” or “2” to see some more on the second page. By clicking zoom, you can enlarge each to see better detail.


    BONUS! I just noticed that on the Home Depot website, they are made by Acurio, so I looked them up also, WOW, awesome vinyl lattice panels and screens, plus you can order direct in COLORS!!! They even do custom design panels!

    Check it out here:


    • pam kueber says

      Wow, Tami, that is a cool find. I was worried when you said “vinyl” because I personally do not like the look of vinyl fencing – I can always spot it – even though I know a lot of folks like the maintenance free aspect. But it looks like this Acurio stuff can be painted – so I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I am calling them to see if they can send me a sample to report on. Thanks!

      • TappanTrailerTami says

        Pam, I saw after I posted they say it is paintable – just think, the perfect stuff to use all those great California Paint colors on!!!!

        I also think these would be excellent as screening in the bathroom or entryway, as we have seen so many times in the time capsule houses posted here – if someone wanted the “look” but doesn’t already have their own original screens.

  7. TappanTrailerTami says

    Another note on Acurio, be sure to check out all the great gallery photos and links on their website, they even do screen doors! And wainscotting!

  8. Mandi H. says

    This information could not have come at a better time. My husband and I were just walking around our neighborhood the other day admiring the short patio walls that are on a lot of the houses in our neighborhood. We were talking about adding one to our house, but I wanted it to be as authentic as possible with the cool shapes and designs. I was just afraid we weren’t going to be able to find them!

  9. Heather S. says

    Apparently, Dolese Bros in Oklahoma City and Enid, OK make decorative concrete blocks, but they don’t have any pics on their website. http://www.dolese.com/web/block.aspx

    Chandler Materials in Tulsa used to, but don’t anymore (except for one style of block, from what I understand), unfortunately. The styles they used to make can still be seen as part of the fence outside their facility.

  10. 2Tony says

    Has anyone ever made their own decorative concrete blocks? I bought a vintage “concrete landscaping” book that has a page on making them at home (it looks like they actually sold molds back in the day, but I don’t think it’d be too hard to make one yourself). Of course, concrete work is much difficult than they make it out to be in this book.

  11. Natschultz says

    You can also get punched metal with geometric patterns, but it is expensive (although the vinyl probably is too).

    You can make your own – a square – in square mold would be easy to make with 2×8’s (must line with plastic to remove set concrete). But it is a LOT HARDER than books make it seem, unless you invest in a concrete mixer. Sets up too fast and you go through a lot more concrete than you’d expect.

    Plastic fencing – yeah, it looks fake (because it is ;) But when we replaced our fence back in 2003 they said that new cedar fences are only guaranteed for 5 years because the new-growth wood is not as rot-resistant as the old-growth. A wood fence would have cost $7,000 back then; the vinyl cost twice the price, but at least it will last forever. The problem is that it gets covered in mildew and only bleach removes it. I live on the coast, so everyone now has vinyl.

    That being said, I would NEVER use vinyl siding on my house because it is toxic and it does not breathe and it will rot your house (even though the manufacturers and contractors will proclaim otherwise). Siding doesn’t touch the ground, so if it’s properly maintained (with oil-based sealer or primer only) it will last at least 100 years.

    Painting vinyl – it can be done, but I’d get the lattice in a similar color because no paint will truly adhere forever (because plastic expands and contracts a lot) and painting white vinyl a dark color will look bad eventually.

  12. Jacqui says


    I have been DESPERATELY trying to find these blocks in Florida and CAN NOT believe there’s a resource just 30 minutes from me!

    Hurray you!!!

  13. Kathy says

    Hi all,
    Have been searching Craigslist for vintage wall block…scored 12 16″ x 16″LaCosta blocks from a neighbor for free. Noticed his carport had this block on my nightly walk. Several weeks later I noticed it was gone and he was having the carport converted to a garage. Knocked on the door and he gladly loaded the block into the back of my truck. WOOHOO!!

      • Pam says

        Hi fellow breezeblock enthusiasts! I am embarking upon a research project for the final year of my architectural degree in Australia and have stumbled across this great post, if anyone has info I might find useful I would love to hear it ;)

    • Sheri says

      When we were extending our wall, our contractor checked around and could not find any. I sent him this link for his reference in the future. We have LaCosta, also……

  14. Rick Whitely says

    I am looking for architectual screen blocks in Minnesota. I have a nice patio slab which I would like to enclose for privacy. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Lou says

      I purchased new arch. blocks 3 years ago at a place in Rochester, MN.
      Sorry I don’t remember the name but it is a cement block, pavers, etc. kind of place. They only had one design which is the daisy.

  15. Eddie O'Malley says


    I am looking for moulds for making the Orca Lacosta Screen block.

    Could you let me know where I could find a mould or what mould you used for these blocks?

    Eddie O’Malley

  16. Leigh says

    We’re looking for screen concrete blocks in Canada (preferably Alberta). Anyone know where we can find them?


  17. Neva says

    ok, finding this article is a relief — I get such funny looks when a new (to me) block pattern makes me drive around a block to get a better look. No, people, I’m not casing your neighbor’s house, I swear!

  18. Joan says

    If anyone in Michigan is looking for screen wall blocks, Consumer’s Concrete (offices in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and other southwest Michigan locations), carries the “cordova” style. In fact, the Grand Rapids office told me they just trashed several skids of it (noo-oo-o-o-o!) because they couldn’t sell it. Thankfully the Lansing location still has some, and this is the best part – they are selling a couple of skids (120 blocks per skid) to us for $1 a block and bringing it to Grand Rapids!

  19. Wendy Long says

    I found the Square in Square pattern at Headwaters (formerly Southwest Concrete Products) in San Antonio, Tx on Ackerman Road

  20. Forrest Covin says

    If anyone knows of a supplier in Texas, please let me know….I have contacted several brick suppliers and contractors to no avail…thanks for your help.

  21. Janet says

    I’m trying to find these decorative concrete block in Brooklyn New York. But I’m coming up empty! Any ideas?

    • Allison says

      Hi Dom- I am looking for a specific design a hollow brick block with a W. Do you know if they can make these for me? I am also located in Los Angeles. Thanks!

      • pam kueber says

        Allison, Dom provided the link — perhaps it will be fastest if you contact that company directly. Good luck.

  22. Amy says

    So I live in Iowa and have just searched everywhere for these bricks. Does anyone know of a supplier for these here or in the midwest? I would so appreciate any help or advice!

  23. Forrest Covin says

    Looking for a supplier in the Austin tx area….I see the blocks used in some older homes but I have not been able to find a supplier. I am building and wish to incorporate these within the design. Thanks for any help.

  24. pam kueber says

    READ ALL THE COMMENTS CAREFULLY if you are looking in other places than the original 9 listed. There are lots of other places identified in the comments and links provided in the comments.

  25. Craig says

    I’m shocked to find no supplier in Illinois. I’ve called about a dozen groups throughout the Chicagoland area. I see breeze block EVERYWHERE here. Hard to believe it’s all old and no one makes any of the styles any more. Anyone have a lead?

  26. Frannie says

    Fizzano Brothers near philadelphia has these. I just went down and picked some up for a project I’m doing in Brooklyn.
    They cost between $1.20 and $3.50 each, they have two styles, and weigh about 26 pounds each.
    They also told me that they have a retail distributor for them in Northern New Jersey which I’ve forgotten the name of. I’m sure if you called them they could give you the info.

  27. cc says

    I’m in Chicago and am l looking for a place to purchase some blocks for a fence. Anyone have an idea about where I could get these in my area?

      • Craig says

        If we could get a couple of folks together, we might be able to make shipping it from MI more affordable. I will need to build a fence in the spring and I’m possibly looking to purchase some of these.

    • pam kueber says

      richard, the companies we know of are listed in the story, also read the comments for additions from readers. good luck

  28. Kathryn in Ontario says

    I didn’t see any response to my fellow Canadian in Alberta. How about in Ontario? I’d dearly love to find some for my 1971 split level.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Amelia, The only sources we know of are listed in the story and also please scroll through the comments to see if readers have added others. Good luck.

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