15 new Marimekko flower power prints – including reissued fabric designs from the 60s and 70s


Is Marimekko hot? Yes, so much so that they just recently tripled their fabric production capacity in Finland. Yay for Marimekko — more popular today than ever (like all we mid mod mad folk).  Marimekko also has introduced 15 new fabrics for Spring 2011, including a number of re-issues from original designs from the 1960s and 1970s. You know I like original-vintage the best.  Onward to see some of my favorites ->

marimekko fabric from 1975 reissued

Wow, I had this major flashback in the millisecond when I first saw this fabric: Marimekko’s Green-Green fabric, created in 1975 by Japanese designer Katsuji Wakisaka. This design looked immediately familiar to me — I grew up in the 1970s, and it must have been everywhere. Indeed, Marimekko says that Wakisaka’s “refreshing take on color, basic illustrative technique and inspiring imagery produced popular patterns which helped revitalize the Marimekko brand during the 1970’s.”

marimekko pidot 1960

Above: Pidot, from the 1960s.

wakisakas green green in black orange

You gotta love “Green Green” in “Black Orange” 🙂

marimekko kaivo in brown

Marimekko’s Kaivo, originally issued in 1964, is available in three colorways, including this one in brown (above), as well as others in red-black-white and black-and-white

marimekko sola fabric from 1977

Marimekko Sola originally was issued in 1977…

unikko in new colorway for 2011

Unikko gets a new colorway — I like it!

yhdessa fabric from marimekko

And this fabric, Ydessa, is a special compilation of several famous design — a modern patchwork created as part of Marimekko’s celebration of their 60th anniversary this year.

Where to buy everything Marimekko: Click on over to Always Mod.


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  1. Cindy says

    Oh my, I’m in Heaven. A zillion summer projects are flashing through my mind! How do you keep such great info coming at us?

  2. Shannon Vetter says

    While Christmas shopping in December, I noticed that my local Crate and Barrel was selling Marimekko fabrics. I had never heard of it before, but instantly fell in love. Thanks for giving some background info. I will have to see if they have some new designs in store.

  3. The Atomic Mom says

    So very, very pretty. I was a small child in the 70s and remember these kinds of bold colorful prints.

    • napgirl says

      It just wouldn’t be the same without those bright-blue machine thingies on the sides, though, would it? Pretty fabulous.

      There’s a whole Marimekko store on Huron Ave. in Cambridge, opened a few years ago — it sells fabric by the bolt, really heavenly. And another one in NYC, I think…. Also, it’s always worth looking on the ‘bay for vintage stuff.

  4. Elaine says

    Oooh, I want to make some curtains. Do they still make those pinch pleat do-it-yourself kits? You got the tape with all the pockets for inserting special four prong curtain hooks to gather the fabric just so, and you had pinch pleats. I used those in my first house in 1973. I used king size sheets and only had to sew on the header tape, insert the hooks and presto! Beautiful and unique full length pinch pleat drapes.

    I can’t decide between the orange unikko and the Lappuliisa.

    • says

      I used those in the 70s, too, Elaine. They made it so basic. You just had to be sure you counted the prong pockets in fours and allowed one or two extra at the end for the straight end pin. I don’t sew much anymore, but I could probably manage that kind of project anyway!

  5. Nancy says

    In 1969 we had a Finnish exchange student. Elina had several Marimekko fabric dresses her mom had made. No one else had anything like them at our school. She wore a prom dress of Marimekko fabric, too. Later, I used Marimekko sheets to make a shower curtain and window treatment for a bathroom. That was about 1978.

  6. julie says

    Check out Joann fabrics online upholstry section–some fun new 60s-70s looks, and fun yellow vinyl for tablecloth

  7. cynthia says

    the fabulous designs and colors are positive, life-affirming, upbeat, cheerful, youthful, motivating, lovable, fun…need i say more, i dig them! we need these kinds of images in our homes and elsewhere – to remind us that (despite all reports to the contrary) we will get through these tough times and better things and better days are ahead.

  8. Tracy says

    Memories!!!….Growing up in the 70s we had a variation of the lime green flower pattern wallpaper in part of our kitchen!

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