Wagon wheel light with antlers: The “original” put-a-bulb-in-it

wagon wheel light with antlersWhat’s more over-the-top than a wagon wheel light? A wagon wheel light with antlers, of course. However, presuming that wagon wheel lights were one of the original “put a bulb in it” lighting ideas…it’s actually Reasonable to think that the cow-town saloon owners also would add antler bones and the like as decorative, trophy accents. The historical precedent for this mid-century revival is not silly — it’s pioneer upcycling genius!  This wagon wheel light extravaganza spotted over on Berkshire County Used Furniture’s Facebook page. You know I want it. It would be #4 in my wagon wheel light collection. Hard to hide these from DH, though. I’m trying to reform. Truly I am.


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  1. Trouble says

    Th Greater Columbus Antique Mall on S. High St. has two of these upstairs – minus the antlers. They are very kool but my house just wouldn’t be the right scal for one. So, I’m proud of my copper and wrought iron pull down style oil lamp design 🙂

  2. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Believe it or not, I actually saw a similar light a couple of years ago in a local bar/restaurant in Idaho when I was visiting my sister. It only had one pair of antlers mounted in the center of the wagon wheel spokes. Shades of Miss Kitty and the Longbranch!

    • Trouble says

      I agree – these lamps minus the antlers are great! The antlers make it a good idea gone bad. Antlers are kool at the right time – esp if you bagged the animal – and in the right design element in rustic, mid century decor. My ’54 ranch is being restored with the ’50s American Colonial flavor, so I think antlers would work into that.

      But not on this! LOL

  3. says

    These are actually very popular in my “neck of the woods” (TEXAS) and several companies still design them for sale. Log cabin design helps also. With the right design these really don’t look as tacky as they sound!!! lol It helps if a hunter lives in the home though. My cousin has a camp with the wall over the couch festooned with mounted antlers. It is a minimalist design and really looks great.

  4. Feisty17 says

    My ’53 house came with the wagon wheel light (no antlers)! It’s not my taste but it’s still up all these months later simply because I haven’t found a replacement yet and I need the lighting!

  5. Allen says

    How Funny Pam,
    I was just given two (matching) of these lamps a few days ago. Mine have four lanterns hanging from the bottom of the wagon wheel. They came from a kitchen that had all solid wood paneling and all original everything. Unfortunately, the kitchen is being “improved” (used lightly) to something more bland. Glad they thought of me for the lights though!

  6. clampers says

    We had one of these growing up…sans antlers but a wagon wheel nonetheless. My mom might still have it up in the attic…I’ll have to take a look sometime.

  7. Jason says

    I might put a bar out in my breezeway and if I did – I think it needs one of these!!

    PS – I think the ceramic planter light in the “put a bulb in it” post is actually a hanging ashtray, given the 2 little v’s in the opening.

    I had never heard of such until I was at the estate sale shop and bought myself one! This was after I asked what is this ceramic ufo looking thing? It’s ugly or cute or something, but I said why not have it – it’s vintage lol.

  8. Cara says

    Haha, this post made me laugh as I’m always sneaking things into the house but then I get too excited and show DH anyways. I can only imagine what he would say if I tried to bring one of these in!

    Despite my eclectic taste, I can’t picture these fitting in anywhere in my house. I like too many things so I guess I have to draw the line somewhere.

  9. Amy Hill says

    This brings to mind an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie…I can’t remember the name of it, but they shared a party line & she redecorated his bachelor pad…

    My mother had one of these in the dining room of her craftsman style house back in the 60’s. I never really could understand the appeal, but that’s just me.

  10. DahliaCactus says

    Grandma had one of these in her ’50’s ranch. When she remodeled she hung it in her tack room (room in a horse barn where you store saddles and such) works great in there!

  11. Holly campbell says

    I know that other folks may love this and I think that’s fine. But for me, I have to say no. Although my husband would love it.

  12. says

    I have a wagon wheel light down on the basement. It even still has the little copper collars that fit on the shades. I was just looking at it last night thinking how cool it was – but yeah, it could use some antlers.

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