‘Betty Crafter’ says, Yes to the Knotty Pine!

knotty pine kitchen blue appliances‘Betty Crafter’ wrote me a happy email and sent me these happy photos, which reminded me that I need to start another microsite in the same vein as Save The Pink Bathrooms. Only the new blog will be called: Say Yes to the Knotty Pine. Don’t try to buy the url away from me. It’s mine all mine buwahahaha. Meanwhile, here is Betty’s “miracle” story and more photos of her gorgeous time capsule knotty pine kitchen…She writes:

beautiful knotty pine kitchen on retro renovation blogWe just bought the house less than a month ago so we have a long way to go, but here’s our short story so far!

built in shelves in mid century knotty pine kitchenMy husband and I decided to move because although we lived in a pretty fab 50’s house in a great location, it didn’t have the original kitchen and bathrooms I’d always wanted.  Just before our house hit the market, I saw this one online.  I almost stopped breathing.  I really didn’t think a house like this existed!  Turquoise counters?  Knotty pine paneling in half the house? A pink AND a green bathroom? Fireplace? Creek? Barn?


“It looks like the inside of a Spartan trailer!”  I squealed.

1950s intercom systemI immediately called our realtor who refused to show it to me because: “I’m already showing that house to two clients who DON’T have homes to sell first.”

Well I was so insane for this house that the hubs and I drove there and convinced the seller to show it to us herself!  Upon seeing it in person I was even more sure this was home.  It’s a miracle we ended up here because we weren’t the only ones who loved this house.  But luckily for us the other offers fell through just about the time we got offers on our home, and here we are! 

dinette chair for knotty pine kitchenWe don’t want to change much because the house is pretty much perfect.  We tore up the carpet to install green apple VCT in all the areas with the knotty pine paneling and hardwoods in the rest of the house.  The turquoise stove and bar chairs came with the house – lucky us! Otherwise it’s all original.

Is it possible to be in love with a physical object? I could not love my new house any more. Also, I’ve started a blog — Betty Crafter — to chronicle our caretaker and preservation efforts if anyone’s interested…  The pink bathroom has an unfortunate 80’s vanity, but I found a pink wall hung sink for $5 on the forums here that will be going in soon. Then some fresh paint inside and out and a Crestview Door and we’re done!  My main concern is preserving what’s here.  There are a few stains on the counters, and I’d like to find the best way to clean them and protect them from future stains.  I also need to give my paneling the “Eartha Kitsch treatment” but they are in pretty decent condition as is.

Also, in one of the first shots I sent, that is a NuTone Intercom/Radio that even goes out to the barn!  We even have the owner’s manual – when we moved in there was a file folder on the counter with every receipt for service and owner’s manual to everything in the house since the 70’s.

betty crafterThanks for thinking my dream kitchen is as awesome as I do!

Crikey! BC, you have some mighty fine happy going on there in your little piece of time capsule paradise. I love the way you used the fabric on the kitchen chair to choose your floor color and tie in with the skylark blue Formica countertops. I also LOVE the way the peninsula eating area curves out, from the bottom (eating counter) to top (prep counter) — what a great idea from the past. Send me pics of your other projects when they are ready for prime time. And: A barn and a creek? Those, too!  Tip: for cleaning countertops, our reco is Countertop Magic

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  1. Roberta Jones says

    This is completely FABULOUS. I have never seen a better color combo to go with knotty pine. My house originally had knotty pine but it was replaced 20+ years ago. I love my house anyway and have many 50’s features in it.

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