28 places to shop for an affordable midcentury modern style sofa

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This story was the SECOND one I did rounding up mid mod sofas. Read our even more expansive THIRD update (done in April 2013) — 216 affordable mid century style sofas from 30 manufacturersHowever, I am leaving this story up — because it contains reader comments that may be of use if you are in shopping and researching mode.

28 vintage reproduction sofas

Following my original story about places to buy an affordable midcentury modern style sofa, I have incorporated reader suggestions. For this research exercise:

  • “Affordable” was designed as less than $2,000.
  • Some of these are more “modern” than “mid century modern”. I gave some latitude.
  • The list is re-ordered to roughly correspond to the order I would likely do my own additional research, if I were in the market.
  • Note that many of manufacturers listed make more than one design, you must dive into their websites to see them all. With this list, at least, you have a starting place.

younger sofaYounger Furniture: This Lily sofa (above in gray) from Younger Furniture is the first sofa that I would look at if I were in the market today. As Gavin pointed when I originally posted about Younger, this is very similar to original Dunbar designs. There are additional modern designs from Younger Furniture, which also are well executed — like the sofas and chairs that Dave and Kristin used in their house.  Mid century modern sofas from Younger Furniture

mid mod sofa

UPDATE: Click photo to see NEW Avenue 62 line of mid mod sofas — FANTASTIC!

UPDATE: Be sure to see the new Avenue 62 line up of Younger Furniture — MORE MID MOD SOFAS!

Macy’s: Macy’s gets up high because of all the Macy’s Corona sofa (above) love we have shared over the years. The sofa is stylish and inexpensive — although, there have been varied opinions as to quality. The Morgan, Blake (shown) and Corona are what popped out at me in the current lineup — as I type this, they all seem to be on sale for $699. A reader also suggests that if you get a Macy’s card same day, you get another 15% discount — also watch for tax-free sales events. Mid century modern style sofas and loveseats from Macys.

castellano modern sofa

Castellano Custom Furniture: When I was at Rejuvenation Lighting two years ago, I saw this line of furniture for sale in their large showroom. It’s Castellano Custom Furniture — made right in Portland, and it sure appeared to be the real deal. I’m not sure it really hits under $2,000, but I’m putting it in anyway, it’s probably in the range. Modern sofa from Castellano Custom Furniture.

Perch Furniture: Above, Gracie sofa by Perch Furniture. Based in Portland (there is a bird in their logo tee hee), workshop in LA. These guys get double extra bonus points for rockin’ the orange. (God help me, all the greiged-out neutrals on these furniture websites had me on a rip-roaring rant revival.)  Gracie sofa by Perch Furniture.

bantam sofa by design within reach

Design Within Reach: Reader Amy reminded me:

Design Within Reach also has a mid-century sofa in both 73″ and 86″. It’s called the Bantam and is very similar to Macy’s Corona. They are currently having a sale on their site as well!

Yup – as I write this update, both the 73″ and 86″ Bantams are on sale for less than $2,000 each. These are nice looking sofas, for sure — and come in a nice selection of upholstery designs. Thank you, Amy. Bantam Sofa by Design Within Reach.

Mitchell Gold: I love the look of this Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Cara sofa. Not sure if it’s really less than $2,000, but I’m guessing it’s close. There are some other possibilities in this line, as this is a company that tracks trends. Cara sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Rowe Furniture: Readers reminded me of Rowe Furniture, and indeed, the Abbott (above) is just one of least five sofas that could look beautiful in our midcentury interiors. Even more, really — a lot of their line has what I’d call “modern-to-traditional” styling, meaning they are very versatile. Be sure to look at Rowe – easy to use website. Mid century style couches by Rowe. 

dean mid century style sofa by room and board

Room & Board: I was initially surprised that Room & Board did not have a wider array of mid-century modern style sofas. The only one I really thought fit my *I’ll know it when I see it* criteria, and which was less that $2,000, was the Dean. But, readers clued me to also check out the Andre, Eugene and Reese. Maybe I missed them the first time or maybe their price went down below my threshold for this story. Anyway, check ’em out, lots of choices:. Mid century and modern sofas by Room and Board.

lee industries apartment sofa
Lee Industries: The sofas at Lee Industries tend much more toward traditional and even wonderful mid-century modest. Boy oh boy, the Lee page  is fun to look at — so many shapes and sizes — it’s a sofa primer: Sofas by Lee Industries.

modern tufted sofa from lazar industries

Lazar Industries: There are quite a few choices from Lazar Industries — made in the U.S.A. Mid century and modern style sofas from Lazar Industries.

Sofa CraftUpdate: Reader Gavin served up Sofa Craft, now known as Monarch Sofas, a third-generation family-owned company with showrooms in California and Texas. Some nice looking sofas at great prices, here, and Gavind says, “Made in USA, good prices, foam or down, choice of springs and best yet: A Warranty!” Above: The Amanda. Mid century style sofas from Sofa Craft/Monarch Sofas.

sterling sofa by michael weiss for vanguardVanguard: There are some *possibilities* in this collection by Michael Weiss for Vanguard.

One thing to consider and check for, on all the sofas that I show, is their size and scale. Back in the day, sofas were not 40″ deep — oversized — the way they often are today. Some of these sofas are more less-deep and less-high than others — more “authentically” proportioned for smaller mid century rooms with lower ceilings. Mid century = long, low, horizontal lines.  On the other hand, deep sofas can be very comfortable if you are tall or large and also if you like to hunker down to watch TV. So — thinking about the proportion of the sofa to your space, vetted with how you will realistically use it, is the task. Note, I also could not get a retail price on this Weiss sofa, above, without giving my coordinates to an online quoting place, which I refuse to do. (This exercise also made me an expert on website design and marketing for furniture makers, I swear. If any manufacturers want to hire me for a 25-point checkup, send me an email.) I’m going to guess that this, and others in this Vanguard line come in under $2,000 if you don’t go too crazy with the upholstery.  Michael Weiss mid century style sofas for Vanguard.

jane sofa from gus modern

Gus Modern: Gus Modern has a lot of styles — they seem to be going after this market pretty aggressively. Mid century modern sofas from Gus Modern.

modern sofa from west elm

West Elm: You got your numerous choices from West Elm.

Ethan Allen: Don’t forget to check Ethan Allen.

petrie sofa by crate and barrel

Crate & Barrel: Crate & Barrel gets in, with their Petrie Sofa. How do they get away with using that name without licensing it from The Dick Van Dyke Show? Petrie sofa from Crate and Barrel. UPDATE: See reader comment on the original story reflecting experience with quality/durability issues.

avec sofa from cb2

CB2: The lines of CB2’s Avec are too forced for me, but it seems to have its fans. Avec sofa from CB2.

mid century style sofa under $2000

Plummers: Update: If you live in Southern California, Tikimama spotted this Paramount sofa, Made the U.S.A., at Plummers. I am guessing this sofa may be made by someone already shown on this list… I will check later. No online sales. Paramount sofa for sale at Plummers stores.


Pottery Barn: Arlington sofa from Pottery Barn.

kivik sofa by ikea

Ikea: Update: A reader asked about Ikea. I don’t live by any Ikeas, so I never get to see their products. To be sure, their products are generally inexpensive. The Kivik sofa, above, is $599 – about the same as the Macy’s Corona on sale. In regard to buying a sofa, I’d generally counsel to buy the best you can possibly afford — aim to own it a lifetime, even. Kivik sofa by Ikea.

Urban Outfitters: Update: If you’re considering the cheap and cheerful route, another reader suggested taking a look at Urban Outfitters. Mid Mod style sofas from Urban Outfitters.

Eq3: So now I started really poking down rabbit holes. Update: This Byrd sofa, originally spotted on another website, is actually designed by EQ3, based in Winnipeg. They have a number of other sofas with contemporary / modern / Euro lines. Byrd sofa from EQ3.

True Modern: Here’s the True Modern Luna  sofa, with its Danish Modern legs. Check out this company’s Sample Sale area, too. Luna Sofa from True Modern Furniture.

Blue Dot: Blu Dot has a few options, and sounds like an interesting company. Paramount sofa by Blu Dot.

Dania: Bloom sofa from Dania. $699 – made in China. Don’t yell about only this one, though, I think most of the Gus Moderns are from China, too. I did not check country of  origin as I did this research. Dania’s other sofas also are modern designs, at relatively low prices. Bloom sofa from Dania.

oslo sofa from white on white

White on White: Update: After my original story, reader Kurt suggested the “Florence Knoll” knockoff from White on White, shown above. At 57″ wide, I’d not quite call this a sofa, but it makes the list because it’s nice to see new, smaller companies. Mid century modern style sofas from White on White.

Heywood Wakefield: Hey, do not be forgetting, you can STILL get Heywood-Wakefield sofas — NEW. Yes, they are still being manufactured, by a company that bought the rights. That’s the Margaret, above. I’m not counting this in my “mid century modern” count, though.  Heywood-Wakefield sofas still made today.Thanks, readers, for your continuing help in making this the #1 most conclusive list of midcentury modern style sofas in the U.S. interior design blog world. If you find more manufacturers — let me know via the Comments. Also, please also feel free to share you experiences with any of these products.

Looking for an MCM sectional?:


Looking for a sectionalClick here to see my other story, 29 midcentury style sofa sectionals available today.


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  1. says

    Nice article with some good resources. I always wanted to get the Macy’s Corona sofa for the longest time because that seemed the most reasonably priced and looked the most like what I liked, but I did read mixed reviews on it. I finally found an excellent sectional sofa on Craigslist for less than that and it was a lot bigger and such a value. I got it for only $375. I do need to reupholster it one of these days and I know that will be what ends up costing the most. Any tips for re-upholstering for a good price would be greatly appreciated!

    • gsciencechick says

      The best thing is try to get a referral from people you know. You may find someone who works out of their home who is reasonable. However, another place is an antiques or consignment store. They may do it in-house, or be able to refer you to someone. Even if it costs you over $500 for re-doing the sofa, you are probably still ahead on style and quality. The person at the antiques store said look for potential and good quality, then they can do the rest with upholstery and new cushions. They are probably going to do my side chair.

  2. gsciencechick says

    Thanks, Pam, for updating the list! I’m in the process of sofa shopping as I would like a new one in place before the holidays. Orders can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks easily, so time to get moving (or sitting)!

    Here are a few more readers may be interested in:

    Palliser sofas (made in Canada), more on the budget end similar to Macy’s. Cushions are attached, not flippable. Some cool retro-inspired models are the Leah, Octave, Venus, Wynona, and Barbara. Available in leather and fabric.

    Although Lexington is more of a traditional furniture line, the Bennett sofa is fully customizable to look more modern/retro with narrow arms, single seat cushion, straight exposed legs, etc. Tons of fabric choices, includes pillows. Mid-high range on price, but quality and durability of Lexington is high. We have a Lexington BR set that is built like a tank. Made in NC.

    FYI, Younger is also made in NC.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, gsciencechick — we’re now up to 30, thanks to you! Regarding the Pallisers, I did look at their site, but could only see leather – ? Also, there were no prices (that I could find) so I thought that with the leather they’d be over $2K. Do you know about this?

      • gsciencechick says

        Yes, they have fabric as well. The fabric sofas I’m most interested in (Leah, Octave) were quoted at $800 in the Group 1 Mila, so very reasonable. I know someone on another board who just got the Venus sectional in the “fabric” called Phoenix, which feels like a leather but is more durable like a vinyl. She said the sectional was less than $2K, but she ordered online vs. store. The Phoenix fabric would be the same price as the Mila the store told me. I did not price leather because we have cats, and we do not trust them to stay away. I know some cats hate leather, but MIL’s cats claw her leather sectional. The leather obviously depends on the grade, too, but I’m sure it’s possible to come in well under $2K, especially on the sofas vs. sectionals. The only thing that bothers me is the inability to flip the cushions would make me question durability, The Venus is a one-piece, so flipping is N/A. There is a 5-yr warranty on cushions. The sofas were comfortable, and I would not make a major purchase for the piece of furniture where spend the most time without trying them out.


  3. BlueJay says

    We own a Macy’s Corona; it’s approaching 3 years old and is holding up as one would expect a $700 sofa to hold up. We aren’t too hard on it, but it is showing its wear. I doubt it will hold up for anyone with a troupe of children and/or pets. We’ll probably end up replacing it in the next several years.

  4. says

    We have the Macy’s Corona being delivered today. We did an extreme hunt and almost pulled the trigger on buying the Crate and Barrel sofa until Crate and Barrel told me that they don’t warranty their furniture at all meaning you have 7 days to decide if you want it and after that you’re on your own. They also said if I did have a problem with the sofa I would need to call the manufacturer of it, not CB. For almost $2,000 I kind of wanted even a limited 1 year or 6 month warranty or warranty option.

    So the Corona will be our main sofa until I find the perfect thing vintage or new.

  5. Lynne says

    I too have the Corona sofa and chairs from Macy’s. They have just hit their one year mark, and they look like they are at least 5 years old. We are a family of smallish adults, and this furniture is in a secondary room. Knowing that there have been issues, I have always taken precautions with the cushions. I flip, switch, and fluff, these babies, and its not doing a bit of good. The FABRIC is fine, and spot cleans very well. I think the problem is just with the cushion itself. I am thinking that in a short time, I will have to take the cushions to an upholsterer and have new firmer, better quality foam put in the old covers. That being said, I just wouldn’t recommend buying these pieces.

    As a side note, I also bought the now discontinued “Sylvia” from Macy’s, made by the same company as the Corona. Same situation-even worse. If I thought I could get any response or restitution from Macy’s, I’d take it up with them. Not even a year old, and I am thinking seriously of replacing them with Room and Board’s Reese sectional or one from Rowe.

    I don’t want to sound too negative, but please do think twice about buying the Corona. Try to put a few more dollars into the budget and get a better quality piece.

    • pam kueber says

      Lynne, is there a zipper on the seat cushions? If so, it is relatively easy to get replacement foam. We just did it for our vintage sofa.

      • Lynne says

        Yes, Pam there is a zipper on the Corona, as well as the Sylvia. I can send pictures of both sets and everyone can see and judge for themselves as to how they have lost their crisp edge. They aren’t shabby looking, but I did expect more resilience after only one year of careful use.

  6. Bird says

    The Dean sofa at Room & Board is so close to my perfect sofa… if only it had taller feet so that you could easily clean under it. I love tight-back sofas with wide track arms.

  7. Just another Pam says

    I do love the Byrd sofa, it was going to be mine until I found a vintage one, mint condition, made by French & Son at an auction in a farmers field. At 1/3 of the cost of the sofa alone it was fiscally the way to go as that price included the chairs as well.

  8. Jason says

    Hi All,

    I have the Corona Sofa, Chair and Ottoman. I do love the look, but I have to say they aren’t as comfortable as other sofas in hindsight especially when you want to have a comfortable living room, my room isn’t formal, but I think I went for wow factor as opposed to watch tv and cover up in a blanket. My grandmother was right when she said I needed easy chairs, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. They aren’t uncomfortable either, but I do think that the cushions with a firmer foam would help. And you can’t really relax in the chair like a lazyboy, but I figured at the time if I wanted to lay down I should go to bed. Also, they do not have a spring front frame, just a wooden front frame, which I didn’t know spring front existed until this year. I’ve had them 2 years almost and they look fine maybe not as on point as originally, but I don’t use them and abuse them I’m living alone so they are light use. I would buy new cushions before I got rid of them though and they do clean well and people do love them. I have thought cushions would help with my comfort factor and I may do it sooner rather than later even though these aren’t really worn out, just seem thin and you sink. I would recommend them for the price and look, but they might not last forever and they are not the most comfortable you can find. Again, a choice of overstuffed leather things that control your tv from the command center under the arm rest or somethign more tailored. I have taken many a nap in there, so it can’t be that bad.

    Also, to add to the more designer(I think my room looks amateur at best, I try though) as opposed to lazyboy look in my living room I have two side chairs which I had picked out fabric for, etc. and they are Lazar as Pam has also listed. I felt they looked like a chair Billy Haines had done years ago and had to have them. I have to say I find them to be the most wonderful company, I dealt with them through a high end furniture store, but I had a whole chair redone because it had a snag(hardly noticeable) in it and who knows how it got there, maybe in shipping even though they were wrapped up like they were being sent to the moon – everything is quality with them. When I wasn’t happy with the work the service man did(recovered it after he couldn’t get it out, they sent a new cover for his second visit) they shipped the whole thing back to the factory and back to me all I did was drop it off and pick it up from the store. I would buy again from them in a heartbeat. These chairs even though pretty are high quality and comfortable, you would expect them to not be, but they are. They are side chairs so not something you would watch tv in, more for guests/cocktails, etc., but they are magnificent. I’m sure a couch from them would be comfortable.

    • pam kueber says

      Nothing much out out there “new” at that price point. Go for vintage — look for perfect shape, perfect upholstery…

    • Hello Jodi says

      Watch craigslist LIKE A HAWK. I just got rid of my fiance’s MCM furniture for modern stuff as he will soon be moving in with a cat with claws. I got a West Elm loveseat (same size as a vintage sofa, mostly) for $150, almost brand spanking new. There are loads of good deals out there for both vintage & new. Just don’t rush & you’ll find it. 🙂

  9. Lauryn says

    Disappointed to hear so many negative reviews on the Corona sofa. We visited my brother-in-law in July and he had a relatively new one that looked absolutely fabulous in his house and was quite comfy as well. I hope it holds up for him, but I’m definitely a little more hesitant to purchase one after hearing the comments on it.

    • Jason says


      Glad to know he is happy with his, I am too generally. But, just saying to be realistic in your expectations when buying.

      It helps if you have a Macy’s home store like we do here in Delaware to see it in person, but again it’s not living with it until you live with it.

  10. says

    Our newly purchased Miller sectional with chaise from Younger should be arriving any day now. I CAN’T STAND WAITING. Slowly I’ve been collecting piece by piece to re-do the living room, It’s no “Dave and Kristin” but our living room should be looking pretty amazing soon. I’ll send in photos as soon as we get everything situated.

    • Kristin says

      Hi Evan,
      I see you have purchased a sofa from younger. I am considering the Liam. I can not find any reviews on the sofa. Have you been satisfied with the quality of the sofa? Anything helps!

  11. Michelle says

    Surprised to hear the bad vibes about Corona; when I bought mine about 18 months ago I read nothing but good. I am happy with it, it’s extraordinarily comfortable, and I’ve recommended it to friends who love it too. The cushions have gotten a *little* flat but meh. It gets daily use by two adults and two cats (who have unfortunately recently decided it’s a nice thing to scratch).

  12. Debbie says

    Hi Pam! These are some amazing choices here! I purchased my sofa (similar to the macys option, I think) from Home Decorators Collection. The non sleeper is $999, and they occasionally run 20 percent off sales in the Fall, which is when I purchased mine. I love it! And, they’ve added lots of upholstery options since I bought mine last year, grrrrrrrrr..


  13. midmod ms says

    Way back when I was a poor student I had a sofa very like the Lily sofa above. It had been abandoned in the basement of the apartment house I lived in, so the landlord gave me permission to take it (free!). I had to spray it with an entire can of Lysol to get the musty basement smell out, but it cleaned up nicely and lasted me for years.

    • pam kueber says

      When I was in college and had a sofa my senior year, I also got someone’s reject… when I left at the end of the year, it went to a friend for her senior year. Lordy those sofas must have stories!

  14. Matt says

    We too purchased a Macy’s sofa, The Lenny. (Its since been discontinued) It was essentially Macy’s version of Crate and Barrel’s Petrie. After 3 months the sofa looked a year old. Fabric started pilling after a couple of weeks normal usage. After 6 months we sold in on craigslist and replaced it with a vintage sofa. Such a disappointment.

  15. Katie says

    IKEA has a lot of good mid-century looking options. To my eye, the Karlstad series looks even better than the KVIK. IKEA sofas are very comfortable, and very good value for the money, and very well made. The important thing to remember about IKEA sofas is that the frame and cushions will generally be better made than the upolstery. This is for the simple reason that the covers are removeable and are meant to be replaced after a few years. Personally, I think this is a bonus, as its cheaper to replace a cover than it is to buy a new sofa if I’m bored with the color. Plus, IKEA has lots of fun color options.

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