• Drexel Plus One bedroom set circa 1970

    drexel flower power bedroom set peter max

    The Drexel Plus One bedroom furniture suite is the most fabulous bedroom set ever made – no doubt about it. And you can Buy It Now, for $485. Based on St. Petersburg, Florida — yay to the sellers, Smugglers Cove Vintage. And:

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    1. Yowza! I’d snap it up if I were in Florida, especially the chest with the days of the week. Super terrific!

    2. Yay! I love this! Thanks for sharing. <3

    3. I love seeing the 70′s stuff on your blog. And the yellow!

    4. Brian Throckmorton says:

      I spotted this exact set (plus the “Good Nite” nightstand, chest of drawers, and flower mirror) on Saturday in an antique store on Southland Drive in Lexington, Ky. Didn’t note the price.

      • My parents purchased this set for me back in the 70′s. I had the “goodnight” nightstands, a double “bed” headboard, plus a “Telephone” phone booth with cushy vinyl seat for those long land line teen calls that tied up the parent’s phone for hours. I also had a big desk/vanity/dresser/shelves combo unit that took up 10 feet of wall. The goodnight stands had a flower base. All sitting pretty on green shag. Very groovy baby.

    5. I’m looking for a bedroom set – circa 50s-60′s to replace my 90′s Broyhill Fontana set (who doesn’t have this set? It’s the set on Everybody Loves Raymond).
      That set is COOL – but too Cool for my taste. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Cynthia Cougoule says:

      This bedroom set is incredible! How awesome would that be for my teenager!

    7. Anne Dansdill says:

      I have other pieces from this set….if interested.

      • Sheila Massingill says:

        Anne — do you still have any of the pieces you mentioned? I’d love to hear about them if you do! :)

        Take care,

    8. This entire set is for sale at an antique shop in Lexington Ky, it is fabulous and just marked down 50%!!

      • Sheila Massingill says:

        I will drive there ASAP if they still have them — can you please give me a shop name or phone number? I’m trying to piece this set together for my daughters and this would help tremendously!!

        Thanks & take care,

        • pam kueber says:

          Sheila, that was on ebay. The sellers are identified in the story, though, with a hotlink. You can reach out to them that way, directly. Good luck.

          • Pam, I think Sheila was referring to the set spotted in Lexington KY by me on 9/6/2011 and by Beth on 8/27/2012. They have sold some of the pieces or moved them out of the showroom — in any case, some of the ones I saw in 2011 were no longer there a month ago or so. The store is The Antique Store of Lexington, 436 Southland Dr Lexington, KY 40503. (859) 373-0802. Good luck!

            • pam kueber says:

              ohhhhh – and thanks for adding the info!

              • Sheila Massingill says:

                Yes — thank you, Brian… that was exactly what I was looking for. I gave the owner a call and her pieces are ALL still available… woohoo!! Now to decide if we can swing the dent in the budget and a 9-hour drive to get them since we’re in NC. (And if Anne still has the pieces she mentioned above and I actually piece this whole bedroom suite together like I’ve dreamed of for a couple years now, I’m going to owe this blog BIGTIME!) :)

                Thanks again,

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