Tom Tru, distributed by Raymor

tom tru I have discovered Tom Tru. Searching around on the google, I find anecdotal information: The company, Tom Tru Corp., was based in Lambertville, New Jersey. One site says that the company’s mid century pop art work was distributed by Raymor. Media included: Tiles, canvas prints, silkscreen wall hangings, painted (?) wood blocks. One thread said Robert Bushong (signed “R. Bushong) created wall hangings for the company. Above: That’s a Robert Bushong print — on canvas, framed in aluminum — created for Tom Tru, of Lambertville, NJ. For sale from ebay seller moderndecodence (link now expired) along with the orb-shaped Nivico sound sphere speakers. A very big round <3


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  1. Robert Scott says

    I have been looking for information on the Robert Bushong Linen piece I own and finally found this site. The art is of what looks like an Oil Field – it is black/blue and signed Robert Bushong in the lower right hand corner

    Has anyone seen this theme in Robert Bushong’s catalog of work?

    Thank you,

  2. Robert Scott says

    I may have written Robert Burshong – sorry I meant the piece I own is signed Robert R. Bushong. I’ve seen a variety of his work but nothing like the linen tapestry I own. Our piece looks like an abstract oil field at dusk – I’m not looking for a value (I use worthpoint for this) I am looking for the history of this particular scene. I’ve seen some of R. Bushong’s San Francisco pieces, and this leads me to believe he may have traveled south to Los Angeles in the Mid-Century area when oil fields dotted the landscape of Los Angeles/Southern California. But this is just a guess

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