2 new Marimekko shower curtains: Mid mod color explosion!

Marimekko shower curtainIf you have trouble choosing a favorite Marimekko design shower curtain, this one is for you: This Yhdessa shower curtain puts some of Maija and Kristina Isola’s most classic and famous designs — including Unikko, to Kivet to Tuuli –into one colorful, super-happy, versatile patchwork pattern. Color color color and more color! Take that, Greige Nation! Oh, umm, there’s a black-and-white patchwork, too. You can buy this shower curtain, and see a bundle of other gorgeous Marimekko designs at FinnStyle.


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  1. Wendy M. says

    Wow- that is fun! It wouldn’t work in either of my bathrooms, but I would love to see how someone could incorporate it into theirs…yea for color!

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