Basement bowling alley in 1962 Michigan time capsule house for sale — heaven!

bowling alley in 1962 michigan houseMega thanks to reader Ron for spotting this gem — a 1962 home in Rockford, Michigan (near Grand Rapids) that includes a spectacular two-lane bowling alley in the basement. This is beyond amazing! The house is currently for sale, it’s listed at $189,000 by Theresa Robinson of 616 Realty (listing now ended.)  I talked to Theresa via phone to get permission to show this photo, and she explained that the house has been in the same family since they built it — with great care — in 1962.  The original family member loved to entertain … and yes, loved to bowl! He got the bowling alley components from a bowling alley in Lansing, Mich. that was going out of business. Then, he built the house around the bowling alley. Theresa said that the local newspaper wrote a feature story about the house when it was finished.

The house is a wonderful time capsule a number of other ways — it does not appear to have been re-muddled. Original bathrooms, kitchens upstairs and down, great space, great finishes. But the bowling alley: Blow me away!

1962 house with bowling alley

Click on the photo above to see a great slide show with BIG images!

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  1. Chris says

    Stunned and speechless!! I would so live in that house!! I sat here envisioning all the fun gatherings that could and must have taken place in this beautiful awesome home!! What a find!!! Someone will snatch this right up for sure! With some good retro decorating it will be a showplace for sure!! Wow and double wow!!

  2. Kristy Nawrocki says

    My dad grew up in this house with the man who built it. He has so many great memories here. When i found this I had to show my father and it brought a smile to his face. I wish we could buy this home and keep it in the family.

  3. Diana says

    well, I can’t get the link to the pictures to load. sigh… I had a school project back in 8th grade to design a house. I had a full wall TV, a restaurant style stainless steel kitchen and a basement with a bowling ally.

    My teacher said the TV was impossible and gave be a bad grade. I was ahead of my time

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